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Tre Arrow Update from friends in Canada

Tre was shipped to van Tuesday and is being held at the North Fraser Detention Centre there ( a max security facility) There was an immigration hearing Wednesday, which was essentialy adjourned until this Monday, April 25th, at 10am. 16th floor of the Federal building on the corner of Georgia and Hamilton - it is unclear at this time whether it will be public or private.
We will likely need more bail for this monday - if anyone can
donate (the current estimate is another $2500,) then please email me to let
If the hearing does turn out to be public, several friends and supporters from both the US and Canada are planning to attend, and be available to atteset to Tre's character, also the amazing 75 letters that were written last week will be offered into evidence at Monday's hearing as well.

Tre will get out on monday - hold that in the light and send out your
intentions and positive energy at this time (between 9am and noon pacific
time) on Monday. Any support is welcome, embraced, appreciated!
Tre thanks everyone for your support, gernerousity, and all the letters and mail, many thanks.

Letters can curently be addressed to Tre's lawyer, Tim Russell at
Tre Arrow
c/o McCollough parsons Blazina
2nd floor, 1011 fort street
victoria, bc, canada
V8V 3K5
and Tim will get them to Tre.

bail bonds < shaeto23@hotmail.com>
email for info on depositing

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org

upcoming benefits for Tre 23.Apr.2004 21:01


Sunday, April 25th
Rummage Sale
9am-1pm @ the Cascadia Rising Info Shop
1540 SE Clinton

Tuesday, April 27th
Peg Millett Concet
7pm @ Laughing Horse Books