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Oregonís Renewable Energy Plan Meeting

This is a meeting in Bend, Oregon on the OSU cascades campus to discuss the vital topic of renewable energy development in Oregon. Please attend if you can. Global warming is one of the most important issues today.
2325 River Road, Suite 2; The Dalles Oregon 97058;
541-296-2391 x117
Contact Jeff Rola (541) 923-2204

To Those Who Make Things Happen:

Following the Central Oregon discussion of Oregon's Renewable Energy Plan, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the OSU Cascades Campus in Bend Friday April 23rd, the Wy'East Resource Conservation and Development Council in association with Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council and the Central Oregon Renewable Energy for Economic Development COREED project invite regional policy and decision makers to a working lunch to discuss regional opportunities and future development of renewable energy resources in Central Oregon. The purpose of this meeting is two-fold: to exchange information and discuss cooperative regional strategies to enhance the community benefits of renewable energy development. The following agenda is suggested to spur interactive discussion (between bites):

Brief discussion of existing local developments and initiatives in renewable energy production.
Incentives for development.
Regulatory and distribution challenges.
Tribal, federal, state, and local issues and opportunities for collaborative development.
A snapshot of the future: Goals for sustainable economies/energy self sufficiency/healthy communities and environment.

Central Oregon is blessed with both an abundance of natural renewable energy resources and human resources (innovative, technical, and financial) to benefit our communities by seizing the current opportunity in Oregon's Plan for Renewable Energy. Please make time in your busy schedules to join us for some good food, a valuable discussion, and a great start toward a bright future.

Please RSVP to Jeff Rola at the Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District for our lunch count. (541) 923-2204.


Gary Thompson
Mary Zemke
Sherman County Commission
Jefferson County Commission

James Vancura
Project Coordinator
Ore-Cal RC&D Area Council
PO Box 785
Dorris CA 96023
(530) 397-7463, (530) 397-3307 fax