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Sadr: We will accept Non-US troops

Sadr's spokesman said they would accept peacekeeping forces from others countries... just not the US or UK.

Get it?
to sum up: Get out Invaders- you cannot steal our resources, we will not submit.
to sum up: Get out Invaders- you cannot steal our resources, we will not submit.
YooHoo, hello mass media... this little tidbit that came out yesterday seems like it's 'not gaining traction' in the US media, no surprise... but with all the cracks in the dam, seems like someone in America is going to break this major story.

This is it! the troops could be coming home in no time... the cut and run scam is exposed. US troops are not providing stability, they are creating the instability.

The US is obviously trying to control the oil and establish strategic position with 14 'enduring freedom' military bases... but the Iraqis are not stupid... they've been kept literally in the dark for the past year so they wouldn't get the full truth about the puppet gov't.


email this to mainstream outlets, write your congressman, get this msg out there:
US troops are not needed, Sadr will accept UN peacekeepers.
Forwarded. 21.Apr.2004 23:18

politics as possible

I have forwarded this to what I hope will be voices that will help to break this story. The truth will out.

Interesting link --- DAILY TIMES ("A new voice for a new Pakistan"). I note, BTW, that the round-up of news at this link is behind by a few hours about the kidnapped Canadian --- he was released today (April 21) according to Canadian Broadcasting Network.

common sense 22.Apr.2004 01:48

calling all politicians...

And while you're at it, no privitization of Iraq, and no stooge government.