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Update on Logging at Blue River Face Timber Sale

Old-growth falling now in Cascadia. No more Survey and Manage translates into uncontrolled logging on public lands.
Active logging continues at the Blue River Face Timber Sale in the Willamette National Forest. Massive Douglas Firs 400-500 yrs old and 4-6' across are hitting the ground in this frontal assault on public lands by Roseboro Lumber Co. and the US Forest Service. Activists were on the ground this morning and fellers were confronted, resulting in a temporary halt in logging in unit 5e where a large population of rare lichens has been documented by citizen activists. Cutting is also beginning in unit 5d, where 39 acres of classic old-growth forest is located, a beautiful area where huge Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar trees have stood for many hundreds of years along with rare lichens, Tree Voles and Spotted Owls. There is still a large portion uncut and resistance will continue.
It was discovered just this morning that many trees within units 5c and 5e were re-marked to "cut" trees from "leave" trees, and it is unclear at what point this happened. The timber sale was being promoted by USFS as an "understory thinning"-evidently they felt they could get away with converting the sale to an old-growth slaughter without this being noticed. That and the fact that USFS ignored a huge amount of survey data documenting the presence of sensitive species within the area, collected by citizen surveyors- makes this a prime example of the failure of USFS to protect biological diversity on public lands. If this concerns you please contact the following people and demand an immediate halt to the cutting at Blue River Face Timber sale:

District Ranger John Allen(Mckenzie District)

Roseboro Lumber
more info 22.Apr.2004 20:38


please tell us more about the "fact that USFS ignored a huge amount of survey data documenting the presence of sensitive species within the area, collected by citizen surveyors-"

what has been collected?
who (of USFS) saw it?
What was their comments/replies?

besides calling is there anything we can do?

where exactly is the Blue face sale?

- I found a document titled as a justification of a particular timber harvest plan for logging in the blue river watershed from 2003. Is that it? I googled and couldn't find anything titles "Blue River Face"

More 23.Apr.2004 00:48


What was collected=Samples of a rare lichen were turned into USFS biologist at Mckenzie Ranger District, as well as data to support the presence of active Red Tree Vole Nests in different areas of the sale.

Who saw it=USFS biologists accompanied activists to the area and verified the data-also contract climbing crews employed by USFS verified the Tree Vole Nests.

Besides calling=get creative, go to the area and witness/document the cutting etc.

The sale is located in the Lookout Creek drainage not far from the town of Blue River and in close proximity to AJ Andrews Experimental Forest.

Directions: Hwy 126 east from Eugene/Springfield, approx 50 miles, pass the town of Blue River-continue on 126 for a few miles until you come to the turn off to BLUE RIVER RESERVOIR on your left, take the turn and follow the road until you come to the campground on your left at which point the road will fork and there is a big sign that indicates you are entering the Lookout Creek area. Take the RIGHT HAND fork and KEEP GOING until you cross Lookout Creek on a bridge after several miles. The road forks directly after the bridge and take the fork to the LEFT. Then keep going for a few more miles until you crest the hill and it will be quite obvious because you will see a unit that has been previously cut and burned. Logging is active in the area below the bottom of the burned unit.

We will try and get more precise directions tommorrow but those will get into the area. Maps are available at Growers Market in Eugene.