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IDF forces tie Palestinian child to an army jeep as human shield

Ramallah - In a serious precedence Zionist terrorist soldiers yesterday tied a 13 year old Palestinian child to one of their army jeeps in the village of Badu to the south of Ramallah.
The soldiers tied up Mohammed Bidwan as a human shield to ward off the showering stones that villagers threw at occupation troops in their violent protests against the construction of the racist fence on their farmlands.

Zionist border guards also arrested four peace activists who tried to save the child, who was severely beaten before tying him to the jeep.

The Nazi-like soldiers refused to allow Bidwan's mother give him a coat in view of the cold weather conditions when they took him away to an unknown destination.

Five martyrs have so far fallen in the village's protests against the separation fence construction, which were met with indiscriminate and intensive shooting on the part of the terrorist Zionist soldiers.

Source: http://www.palestine-info.co.uk/am/publish/article_5663.shtml
Here's another link to the same story. 22.Apr.2004 09:55



photo of incident 22.Apr.2004 13:07

unknown photographer

massively armed & armored israeli war criminals are afraid of rocks.

Hmmmm.... 28.Apr.2004 13:29

Corporate Titan

If they had tied him to the front the IDF could have run over the other protesters without scratching the bumper. Oh well... next time.