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Sen Hagel wants draft, Phone and Email him to say NO!

Since Senator Hagel is now calling for bringing back the draft, perhaps he needs a taste of how nasty things will get if the draft is reinstated for real. He can be emailed by a webform at www.hagel.senate.gov ., and telephoned at 202-224-4224.
Sen Hagle wants draft, Phone and Email him to say NO!

Tell this asshole what you think of bringing back the draft! If you want to protect your email address, the webform doesn't appear to check the validity of the email you submit.

Let's phone and email blockade this asshole. He lists 202-224-4224 as his DC phone number. This is the Senate Finance Commitee, but is listed as his contact so use it! He also lists 402-758-8981as his home district phone.

Remember, every call and email is a vote for or against the draft.

SLAM it to 'em!
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Don't Blockade 20.Apr.2004 14:17


Hagel is one of Bush's biggest opponents within the Republican Party. He supported McCain in 2000 and never endorsed Bush. Some suspect that he would prefer to see Bush & Co. lose, in the long term interest of both the nation and the Republican Party.

We should encourage him to keep talking about it - the more we talk about the draft, the worse Bush's prospects look in 2004, and the worse the prospect for the maintenance of the American empire.

Talk can be dangerous 20.Apr.2004 14:53


While it is true that this sort of talk from a Republican Senator is indeed bad for Bush and the Empire, it's like striking a match in a powder magazine. Will it "catch?" In other words, we need to weigh the value of the light that "match" casts on the issue(the harm it does to Bush) vs the danger that other Senators will listen to him and we get a draft for real.

While the capitalists could just as well hand over their own heads to us as bring back the draft, by the time we destroy the draft and the regime behind it young men, mostly teenagers, will have suffered greatly. Some will commit suicide to avoid the draft, some will maim themselves hoping to get out, a few might be imprisoned-and a great many will lose limbs, faces, and genitals in the Empire's wars.

As a result, I feel it would be a war crime for us class warriors to intentionally allow the draft to happen for political reasons. Also, it would get out, just like Bush's decision to allow 9/11 to happen is getting out(and would be even worse ethics as it woudl cripple and kill more people).