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Grand Jury Inquest for Killer Cop Starts 4/20

The grand jury hearing for Jason Sery and Sean Macomber start on the moring of 4/20.
Albina Ministerial Alliance says they will be there picketing outside since they are not permitted to enter the secret proceedings.
Picketing for Justice (Grand Jury) 20.Apr.2004 11:09

Mike-d. mikedeepdx@yahoo.com

People from the community including those from the Albina Ministerial Alliance, the Coalition of Black Men, The Alliance for Police and Community Accountability, and anyone who would like to see Justice in the Grand Jury System this week, will be picketing in front of the Multnomah County Courthouse. They have set-up shifts to inform the public about the Grand Jury Process taking place this week involving Portland Police Bureau Officers in the Death of James Jahar Perez. Those from the groups say to be a part of one of the picket shifts just show up from 8-11am, from 11-2pm, from 2-4pm, or from 4-6pm. According to representatives of the group the pickets will take place all week until the Grand Jury Process is completed.