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Rally up at Wal Mart in Eugene. Protest the proposal to expand over 200,000 sq. ft. Wal Mart aims to open up a grocery center. This means it will offer low low prices until it squeezes out local businesses, and then raise the prices again.
meet at 5 pm thursday the 22nd at the walmart on west 11th ave.
bring some friends, your screaming voice, and some signs.

More on the anti Wal-Mart ralley 20.Apr.2004 22:59


Wal-Mart Action

April 2004

The Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network / Jobs with Justice will join with United Food and Commercial Workers, and other labor organizations to rally at the West 11th Wal-Mart on Thursday, April 22, starting at 5 p.m. Meet at the corner of Commerce and West 11th.

Bring your loudest voice to let Wal-Mart know it is not welcome to trample local grocery workers' jobs by undercutting grocery prices. We demand living wage jobs!

Eugene's West 11th Wal-Mart applied in February to become a "supercenter." If its application is approved, Wal-Mart will add over 68,000 square feet to its current 148,545 square feet. A monster footprint in West Eugene, threatening to swallow more local business and decent jobs!

Because the land is zoned for commercial development, Eugene's Planning Department is required to approve the permit. But it hasn't approved that permit yet, because some of Wal-Mart's application is missing or incomplete.

Contact ESSN/JWJ to be put on a list of those who will be contacted when Wal-Mart's application is complete.

Typically, Wal-Mart slashes grocery prices first, later raising prices after local grocers go out of business. Wal-Mart sometimes strategically creates a "supercenter," only to close other area Wal-Marts, leaving ugly vacant buildings behind. It is a bad neighbor, and it's time we raise community standards to allow public comment when potential bad neighbors try to build or expand.

The Eugene City Council is scheduled to consider "big box stores" at its work session on May 24. This is an opportunity for ESSN/JWJ to shape the discussion and institute some tools for change. Meanwhile, you can provide testimony to the Council at its April 12 session. Sign up to speak at 7:15; testimony at 7:30 p.m. at 777 Pearl St. Eugene. Tell the council Wal-Mart is a threat to local business and good jobs.

And on Thursday, April 22, we will meet at the corner of Commerce and W. 11th at 5 p.m. to march on Wal-Mart.

We WILL stand together for worker rights!

Protest Annual Wal-Mart Shareholder's Meeting 21.Apr.2004 10:48


There is going to be a mobilization against Wal-Mart's annual shareholder's meeting in Fayetteville, AR. Check out www.againstthewal.org for more info.

My sister works at walmart 12.Apr.2006 21:14

patti pattijfink@charter.net

My sister has been at Walmart for 2 years; no insurance. Her husband recently started a job there and after less than a year is in management and has insurance. I hate wlamart and all they stand for and I don't shop there. Patti in Missouri

Courtesy clerk associate 22.Jun.2006 03:58

Courtesy Clerk hell

I work at Wal Mart. Screw walmart, they treated me so bad I need another job and fast. The abuse is amazing. More like third world conditions. Something needs to be done to help associates!!
I am very upset with walmart. They need to stop treating associates and customers like crap!!

Former wal mart employee 07.Jun.2009 22:52

Bob boris1196@yahoo.com

I worked at wal mart as a greeter and was shit on constantly by management. after being assulted by another wal mart employee and filing workers comp claim waited for 3 months to be denied then terminated the same day they denied my claim for benifits. Wal mart was founded by a carpet bagger and common theif and i think they should be either shut down or forced to unionize. at least with a union i might have gotten off the door after almost 2 years instead of watching people walk in off the street and be hired in positions i had put in for. wal mart is one big fucking joke.