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American human rights activist from Oregon arrested in Thailand

Matthew Mcdaniel, an American human rights activist from Oregon that has been struggling for years against the violations commited by the Thai police and army against the Akha hilltribe, has been arrested on April 15. He will be deported soon.
Mathew was currently involved in starting up an IMC Thailand. One of the main reasons to start an IMC Thailand was to report about the common human rights violations commited by the Thai police and army in North Thailand. Mathew was helping the Akha hill tribe to protect their land, villages and heritage. He was trying to stop the stealing of Akha land by the Thai government, which would force the Akha people into even greater poverty.

In January he gave a report to the UN that contained 47 cases of murder, executions, tortures... commited by the Thai army on people from the hill tribes of North Thailand.

On April 15, Mathew was arrested at the border crossing with Burma, on his way to visit a Burmese friend. He was considered a danger to the state of Thailand and is currently detained in the Suan Phlu prison in Bangkok, where he will stay until his deportation. The US embassy knows about this, but doesn't seem to care.

I am a Belgian that has been in February in the Akha village where Mathew was staying. I know how rough the situation there is and if Mathew gets deported, his family will surely get a 'visit' from the Thai army or police and his documents on human rights violations will dissapear.

Please, spread this information around and write to the Thai embassy.

Direct Line to Mr Thaksin Shinnawatra,Prime Minister 23.Aug.2005 11:32

juliarobot juliarobot@web.de

You can visit www.thaksin.net,his official website.Every comment is welcome.

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