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Al-Qaida: you won, i lost

Al Qaida: You won, I lost

(An open letter to Al Qaida leader Dr Al Zahwari)

Respected Al Zahwari,

Al Qaida: You won, I lost

(An open letter to Al Qaida leader Dr Al Zahwari)

Respected Al Zahwari,

You are aware of how white racist and Christian crusaders' dominated Amerikkka committed aggression in Afghanistan and installed a puppet government there. Then Iraq war was unleashed and America occupied Iraq and is building permenant military bases there. Thousands of brown Asians were killed by disproportionate, irresponsible and indiscriminate use of force by white racist American troops in Afghanistan (1) and Iraq (

2 3).

When American President Bush gave call to the world "to be either with me or with them". The millions of Americans and Europeans raised their fists against both "US and "them" and held protests against US aggression on Afghanistan, crying "Not in my name". The protestors were humiliated and ostracized. The American media--billion-dollar consent engineer industry--muzzled their voice and they were "decapcitated" by the use of WMD(Weaopon of Mass deception) of the other kind, the Bible. Under these circumstances this is not surprising that poor Americans are behaving like idiots, as they have lost perspective and touch with the reality. To express my solidarity with right thinking Americans and politicaly marginalized liberal Muslims. I raised my keyboard (launched a Website (http://www.humiliateamerica.com) a year ago.

The purpose was to help Americans to read the political statement of Sept 11 that America is no longer invincible, not only common Americans even Pentagon cannot claim to be 100% secure and safe. The need of the hour is reconcilation, not confrontation and giving Asia its due share in global governance. But the problem is that Americans only know how powerful militarily they are but they do not know their own vulnerablities and weeknesses. Americans do not know that most of them are socially and culturally under-developed as an Arab peasant is. I tried to convince them that terrorism is a political problem to be fought at political, social and cultural levels and it is not a military threat and does not have a military solution. But American arrogance and ignorance, white racism and deep rooted ethnocentrism, their social underdevelopment and cultural backwardness leads them to deem the life of one white American is equal to life of one thousand brown Asians.

When they respond to my stuff on the Website they call me sub-human "utermenschen" Nazi expression for "under-people" worthy to be exterminated. When I see Iraqis being humiliated, handcuffed and treated badly. I feel humiliated dishonored and my self-respect gets hurt. I get the feeling as if I am being humiliated there.

I tried to disuade Americans not to listen to their mainstream American media that puts two things in their minds syetematically through thousand stories: one that "Might is right" and the other that "America is always right" and those who defy America and resist will get exterminated. I failed to convince Americans that three is no disjunction between domestic and foreign policy of a state. These are two aspects of the same coin. A state, which suppresses freedom and liberty of other people, cannot be very kind to its own people. I urged Americans to struggle to reclaim their democracy and defeat Christain right. But all in vain.

Similarly, I tried my best to pursaude anti-Americans forces that American imperialism/American terrorist state and American civil society are two separate entities and not to harm common Americans. I tried to pursaude Asians (particularly Arabs) not to treat America as one more rival tribe. As America is a faceless multi-headed octopus like capitalist monster which has entangled whole humanity with its tentacles and is living on the blood and life activity of American people and that of the people of under-developed countries. I wanted to redefine anti-Americanism: to be anti-American does not mean to be against American people or to harm them.

I perceived myself belonging to 80% of humanity sharing 20% of world resources. I thought I belonged to "them"-- to common people of all races, religions and regions. I condemned any attack on civil society (common people) in any part of the world, whatever the pretensions, provocation's and motivations for such an attack. When common people anywhere in the world get killed it, I always felt that my dearst ones got killed.

But I failed to convince anyone. Both American terrorist state and foolish Anti-Americans forces have suceeded in polarizing the world between "US" and "them".

I lost "mother of all battles" and you won. Yes, Dr Zahwari, I lost a war between 80% of humanity and 20% of criminals, thugs, terrorists, their agents and foot soldiers (I bracketed your goodself too to this side) who have grabed 80% of the world resources. Now there is only one alternative left for me, either be with "US" or be with "them". Dr Zahwari, I am choosing you. Al-Qaida, as I am "brown" by nature like you are and I reject "US". America is threat to the world peace.

The way America responded to popular uprising in Iraq, proved that American state is really one more tribe, a tribe of White crminals behaving like bloody wolves, treating brown Asians as their forefathers treated Red Indians. There is litle separation from American State and American civil society; America is fast turning into a fascist state. It seems only way to save America is to destroy it.

You may ask me why I want to join Al-Qaida, why not HAMAS or Hezulah. Let me tell you that I share more with Al-Qaida than with HAMAS. I am a globalist, (and against nationalism, calling nationalism as crime against humanity) and you are also a globalist, globalizing your struggle. I strive to represent millions of de-enfranchised and politically suppressed Muslim masses, in their struggle against ongoing global churning which involves massive re-distribution of political and social power among social classes and re-allocation of resources resulting in riuning of a vast population in the countries in capitalist transition. You too claim to represent/misrepresent millions of Muslims masses. While Al-Qaida commands America as an equal, the HAMAS political communication is petitionary.

HAMAS is a nationalist outfit and confines its struggle to the cause of Palestinain, striving to establish a state which will co-exit with a fascist Isreali state armed to the teeth and having backing of U.S. HAMAS is against targetting Isreal or its sponsor America outside Palestinain. A foolish policy which will lead them nowhere. Al-Qaida is against New World order operating under American hegemony(Although Al-Qaida became instrumental in creating unipolar world). Al-Qaida seems to strive to restructure New World order benefiting under-developed countries, while HAMAS has no such agenda.

Dr Zahwari, even if I know that your movement has recieved milliions of dollars aid from CIA in the past to wipe anti-imperialists and anti-American leftist elements in under-deleveloped countries during cold war era and to dismantle what they called "God-denying" Russia empire. It does not stop me to shake hands with you under changed circumsatances. Presently only your esteemed oraganization, Al-Qaida, is against American hegmony in Muslim world, the rest are merely American proxies and agents, worthy to be wiped out. I desparately want to side with the brown tribe I belong to and join your esteemed organization, to defeat my enemy white American imperialism by developing a credible deterant against American barbarism and by unleashing a sustainable war against all occupying forces in developing countries.

But there is a little problem, I hope it will not bother you. I am an apostate of Islam. I beseech you to open a new chapter of Al-Qaida, Al-Qaida(apostate wing) and appoint me as a commander-in-chief of that outfit. It will make a big difference for you if you consider my membership to your esteemed organization. For example now onwards Al-qaida (apostate wing) can take responsiblity for attacks over Americans, the christain world cannot blame Quran and Islam for these attacks. (No one blames Bible for the American babrarism and genocides being perpetrated in Iraq in the name of democracy, even if Christain preists and massionaries have flocked to Iraq in large number alongwith American troops). I promise you that I will work hard to restore the hounor and dignity of brown Asians by turning body count to one-to-one ratio with white Americans. Killing as many American masses as they have killed Asian masses.

Dr Zahwari, I am not as resourcefull as CIA is, but I will transfer technology and materialis to you so that you will never find paucity of funds. You can generate funds worth millions of dollars. Soon after you will put me in-charge of Al-Qaida (apostate wing) I will despatch high resoultion user friendly digital printing mechines alongwith all accessories and raw materials essentail to fake American dollars and make passports, credit cards, etc etc, to generate the funds to be paid to Afghans and Iraqis whose property and houses have been demaged by American troops as compensation. It is qiete moral, Dr Zahwari. You will also recieve eco-friendly and noiseless power genset which can be operated in Tora Bora caves. My expert technicains in security printing will come to help you.

Dr Zahawari I will tell you my strategy against American barbarism in very simple words. "Do what America does. And do not do what America says." America kills our masses, we will kill American masses, and America kills our babies we will kill American babies. America kills and bans our media men (like Aljazeera and Alarabiya) we should attack America media men and kick them out from Asia. America uses WMD over brown civilains we should use WMD including biological weapons over White Americans. America kills, tortures Asians under custody, we should kill and torture our enemy(taking care that you are not being photograhped). America barbarism is media unfriendly and we should be also media unfriendly: Americans attack journalists not sharing bed with them in conflict zones. America voilates Geneva conventions, all treaties and international laws, we should not feel bound by these. We should stop any one from taking photos when we slaughter Americans. (What a few Iraqi peasants did to American mercenaries, Americans are themselves responsible for this. I know how kind-hearted and friendly Iraqi people are but I also know how Arab tribal treat wovles trying to sneek into their flok of sheep and dogs with rabis. We should not take ethnocentric view of the event in Falluja, for Iraqis American are no longer human being. They are beasts and baby killers. It is how an absolitist society deals with anti-socials, beasts and crminals. No need to take moral high ground. American has stooped too low in the eys of the world and Iraqis. Americans are idoits, they impose war on Asians "unilateraly" and try to impose rules of engagement of war "unilateraly" while selectively voilating international laws and conventions of war. Americans have turned mad.) America brings war in our homes and we should bring war to US, and make it a sustainable war not merely a skirmish.

Dr Zahwari, you might be knowing what is the definition of WMD? A weapon, that kills "masses" indiscriminately. It can be nuclear, chemical and biological. America has stockpiles of all such weapons. America uses nuclear weopons and depeleted uranium over brown Asians in Iraq and elsewhere.

It is tragic that we brown Asians do not possess WMD, even if it is very easy to create WMD. I will tell you I like biological WMD. As a microbiologist, I have preserved several strains of viruses in my Delhi laboratory that could be used against the "enemy" of humanity. I have preserved virus strians for "decapcitating" enemy poultry birds, enemy crops and enemy cattle's. Biological WMD are wonderful weapons. These are portal, user-friendly, cost-effective, easy to carry and devastating.

Dr Al Zahawari have you heard of wonderful Ebola virus. This is the virus which can decapcitiate and overwhelm our enemy, that deems itself to be invincible. Now I think Ebola virus alone can save humanity and brown Asians from American barbarism by proving to be a potent deterant.

Dr AlZahwari, We, brown Asians, are facing a grave situation that needs extra-ordinary response. The response should be "deliberate, precise and overwhelming". It should involve believers, and infidel's even apostates like me. It should be multi-prong and cultural, economic, social and poltical level. We should use all means: legal and extra legal, voilent and non- voilent.

Dr Zahawari WMD have slipped into the hands of white racists whose forefathers have wiped out Red Indians from the continent, which they call America. WMD have slipped into the hands of Christian crusaders whose babaric crusades are well known. They commit genocides and massacres and refuse to submit themselves to the international court of justice. They are war criminals and out laws. They have dominated multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-lateral world bodies like U.N.O and have rendered it ineffective, making a just global governance impossible. They do not give brown Asia its share in global governance.

American citizens have been turned into cooperate slaves they are no longer "free" American people. CNN. BBC, Fox TV, New York Times. Washingtonposts etc etc so-called Western (code word for White skin) view everything from white prism. They treat Asians as Red Indians, "Under people". Except Jesus Christ, they despice everything MADE IN ASIA. Dr Al-Zawhri, I beseech you next time you send videotape to Aljazeera warn white media to get out of Asia.

Now I agree with you, Dr Al Zahwari, there can be no peace without justice. I am convinced that this is a war between brown Allah and white God, between white "west" and brown Asia. Americans deserve no mercy and they are our enemy tribe and all Americans are legitimate military targets. We can restore our self-respect, honour of brown Asia, and our dignity only when we kill equal number of Americans by any and all means.

We take protests and expression of solidarity with Iraqis millions of people the world wide mere political posturing and a very sophisticated public relation excercise to fool brown Asians and to hide ugly terrorist face of American state from the world public opinion. Unless Americans do not stop paying taxes and start civil non-cooperation and civil dis-obedience movement against their government. There is no difference between ordinary American and American baby killers. African and Asian Americans may excuse me, if they get hurt and bear it with me till we develop more "precise" technologies to liquadate American war criminals without any collateral demages. I am in hurry and have to accomplish the mssion before America establishes permenant military bases in Iraq. This is the only way that we Asians may seek share in global governance, before capitalist barbarism and white racism and Christain fundamentalism engulfs us and strenghtens fascist forces the world wide.

Now I am formally taking responsibility to bring war to America and kill American. What I expect from you, let me make it clear. I would be pleased if you will wipe out American stooges and proxies in Muslim wolrd without killing civilians there. And also floating front organizations that would turn Friday prayers into mass agitation non-voilent movement against American interests and companies in these countries. The boycotting of dollars and American goods is also necessary. I will be really pleased if you uproot American stooges and agents in Muslim world politically and socially.

I warn you stop preaching sectarian Islam and seek reconcilation with Shia sect of Islam. I warn you, Dr Al Zahawari, if you do not stop preaching sectarian Islam, milliions of Shia's and Sunnis the world over will adoptISLAM MADE IN AMERICA. Whosoever talks against Sunni-Shai unity, Arab-Kurd unity is an imperialist agent should be liquidated. We should understand that the very existence, freedom and honour of brown Asians is under threat.


Yours sincerely,



Al-Qaida (Apostate wing)

Al-Qaeda, the Mythic Enemy 20.Apr.2004 00:25

Richard Labeviere

A superb media invention, security haute couture label, consensual poster for the bounty-hunters of another age, a crude, but effective, propaganda: if al-Qaeda didn't exist, it would have to be invented. Since September 11, 2001 the al-Qaeda label has surreptitiously slid from designating a criminal band with Bin Laden at their head, to specifying a high-tech organization, to finally qualifying a planetary network: al-Qaeda has "CNNized" itself, like the al-Jezira channel which serves its communications. Al-Qaeda is everywhere, therefore, nowhere. Just as the hidden Imam, Bin Laden, simultaneously dead and alive, is behind every unexplained bomb explosion.

For the American Empire, it's important that the al-Qaeda mythology persist. To survive, the empire needs an enemy to its measure and to make war on: endless war.

Hey!! I'm American and I like this!! This letter makes good sense! 20.Apr.2004 05:19


There is a history of over 100 years of extreme American arrogance and bully status. The difference now is that the corporate media is revising history and masking the truth from Americans at every step and making us more detached from the rest of the planet and more arrogant and psychopathic. The media, the administration and the fundamentalists are controlling the minds and the emotions of the rest of a very ignorant and fear-filled nation of racists, sexists and imperialists.