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The Global Peace Operations Initiative (a School of the Planet, if you will), will receive broad bipartisan support, and will employ poverty-striken Africans.
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Bush plans world recruitment drive to arm for peace
April 20, 2004

Facing a chronic shortage of foreign troops for peacekeeping missions, US President George Bush has decided to launch an international drive to boost the supply of available forces.

It calls for the United States to commit about $US660 million ($880 million) over the next five years to train, equip and provide logistical support to forces in nations willing to take part in peace operations.

The Global Peace Operations Initiative will be aimed largely at Africa. It will expand the peacekeeping skills of African forces and encourage international military exercises in the region, where US officials say much of the need exists.

But African forces developed under the program could be used in peace operations anywhere in the world, they said.

Pentagon officials stressed that Mr Bush wanted the plan to be a multinational push, with other countries contributing trainers and additional resources.

Many of the world's peacekeeping missions operate under the auspices of the United Nations, which now oversees more than 50,000 troops in 14 regions. The number is due to grow by about 20,000 as four more operations take shape in Haiti, Burundi, Sudan and Cyprus.

But efforts to meet this surge have been handicapped by the competing demands of US and NATO-led coalitions trying to stabilise Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.

These operations have sapped troops and resources from the US, Canada and several European countries, which are the usual sources of support for UN peacekeeping missions.

"There is not enough capacity in the world to deal with the requirements," said the US Under-Secretary of Defence for Policy, Douglas Feith.

"Other countries have shown an interest in building up their peacekeeping forces, but they need help."

The Bush initiative's goal is to train about 75,000 additional foreign troops who could be sent on missions at short notice and perform a wide range of peacekeeping activities.

On Capitol Hill, a Democratic staff member with a Senate committee predicted the plan would receive broad bipartisan support. Several independent analysts also welcomed the initiative.

"This is an awakening for an administration that hadn't made peacekeeping a priority," said Victoria Holt, of the Henry L. Stimson Centre, a Washington research group. "They are recognising that if they want to have other countries participate in peacekeeping, they must provide more support."

Mr Bush's initiative stops short of establishing standing military units that would be devoted only to international peacekeeping.

It also makes no provision for creating forces within the US military that would be reserved for peacekeeping missions.

"We are always going to do our share of peacekeeping," said Joseph Collins, head of stability operations in the Defence Department.

"What we want to avoid is doing more than we have to."

The Washington Post
"What we want to avoid is doing more than we have to." 19.Apr.2004 23:39


Start by getting out of Iraq.

This would also ease the pressure on Nato and other UN-mission supporters.

SOS 20.Apr.2004 01:06

war is peace - freedom is slavery - ignorance is strength

Because 2004 is 20 years too late.

1984 20.Apr.2004 01:44

junior anti-sex league member

Wow,I love how 1984 only becomes more relevant as time goes on. Seriously, why haven't we renamed the pentagon the Ministry of Peace yet? That SOS site is pretty hilarious as well (or should I say double-plus good?), especially because some people totally miss the real purpose behind it. If anyone hasn't read 1984 yet, pick yourself up a copy; it's easily one of the most important books of the 20th century.

easily 20.Apr.2004 01:54


. . . perhaps THE most important book?

Background on author 20.Apr.2004 06:17


More background on the author of the book 1984 and his motivation for writing the book. In 1948 he began work for the military on the transmitter inside the television that was capable of receiving and transmitting data inside people's homes from as far as 25 miles away. He wrote this book based on that technology. When the book was published they transposed the dates from 1948 to 1984.

Learn to Love Big Brother 20.Apr.2004 08:57


How many fingers is he holding up? 4? 5? 6? Depends on what the party tells you. Learn to love Big Brother and everything will be OK, VOTE BUSH!!! There is no other candidate, never has been, Bush has always ruled this nation and we have always ruled the world. Hate week begins soon, so work harder than ever, your chocolate rations have been increased; but there is a shortage of bootlaces. FEEL THAT BOOT ON YOUR NECK!!! Gas up that SUV and just try to escape the downward spiral towards an Orwellian theoretical "Negative Utopian Society." THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!!

Definitely the most important book!!! 20.Apr.2004 09:21


Knowledge is power. The only things left out of G'Dubbya's State of the Onion Address were WAR IS PEACE...IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH...FREEDOM IS SLAVERY...

Censorship is freedom of speech 20.Apr.2004 12:27


The right has no monopoly on hypocrisy. Bush is a liar and routinely acts completely at odds with his speech. Yet, I find that my opinions, largely progressive, but also somewhat mainstream (Democrat) are routinely censored on this site. Pot calling the kettle black.

If you disagree with the party line even in the least, your opinions will be eradicated from this site. Perhaps someone might read this comment before the moderator has the opportunity to completely erase this or post it in the Compost Bin, but without a link so that the opinions may not come to light and embarass our benevolent overlords.

Oh, and by the way... 20.Apr.2004 12:31


This Third World "Peacekeeping" Force initiative is vile and utterly obscene. Bush and his billionaire elites already send a disproportionate number of poor and brown into combat on behalf of his corporate masters, but now he is actually taking Africans (who he clearly views as valueless in every way except as cannon fodder) and is turning them into wage slave mercenaries. This is some sick, evil shit. Maybe the worst that Bush has done so far, and that's saying a lot.

New think for a new century 20.Apr.2004 13:37


New think for a new century
wt123 18 Mar 2004 23:20 GMT

New think for a new century, A new Era and new world order. Revise your thinking don't be stuck with the old way of thinking.

My dear friends,

Ever since 911 and even before I have had read many articles and had many uncomfortable thoughts. Now I hear that many other people have the same problem as I did. I thought a lot and I kept telling my wife my thoughts.

My wife said I think too much.

I thought giving evidence and extraditing was the correct legal way to get people.

I thought Ladin was already indicted in New York for 911.

I thought it strange that there is not enough evidence for a court of law but enough evidence to go to war.

I thought the invasion and bombing of a soverign country without declaration of war was the Nazi/Japanese way.

I thought calling on airstrikes on prisoners of war might constitute a war crime.

These thoughts kept bothering me and so my wife said why don't you just stop thinking.

So I did and I turned off the news and the internet sites and stopped thinking. I found this quite helpful except on some rare occasions where some bad thoughts would cross my head.

One time I saw a headline "Terror War" which the headline writer had shortened from War on terror.

Then I read about Patriot act where breaking and entering is now called sneak and peak and is no longer illegal.

Then I saw the headline America strikes back next to a discussion of the star trek movie Empire strikes back.

Then i saw headline of glorious victories yet the war must go on.

Of course I never told anyone these negative thoughts And I tried to stop thinking but occasionally these bad thoughts sneak back.

So one time I told a friend who gave me a great solution.

He explained as follows

" It is a new century, A new Era, A new world and of course a New world Order. Therefor you need a new way of thinking. you need to forget the old bad way of thinking. Let me explain the new thinking and you will understand."

I said Ok so he gave me an example

"Let me explain to you the case of Henry Kissinger. Some people have called him a war criminal for his bombing of innocent civillians in cambodia. But this
is not so."

I said please continue and he did.

" War crimes are for losers.
Therefore losing is a war crime.
Henry did not lose in Vietnam (It was a tie)
Ergo no war crime.

Alternately Since Veitnam was a conflict not a war so no war crime"

I started thinking and this kind of thinking sure made sense. It matched what I saw and read. So I am suggesting to others to try this mode of thinking as it allows your brain to have a rest.

It has worked quite well for me except for some samll times where i am unable to apply the principle of new thought. Like when I read a columnist proudly declaring that the American Military was the most efficeint killer of Humans since the dawn of history. I had trouble with since I always thought the Nazis were the most efficient killers.

I discussed this with my friend and he explained the new thinking on this as the nazis were the bad guys and their efficiency in killing was for evil while America is the good guy so American efficiency was for good even if America has to kill innocent women and children.

So dear friends please try New Think it really does give your a brain a rest.


PS: The war in east asia is going great we are having one glorious victory after another but the bombing must continue.

New Think: Calling in airstrikes on prisoners of war is not a war crime as they are detainees not prisoners of war.