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What's going on for Mayday/Beltaine?

Could folks involved in public events for Mayday in Portland start posting more stuff?
I was suprised no one has posted anything to the calendar.
I haven't seen anything up on this site about Mayday festivities in a while and was wondering what's happening.

Gwion mmiller@oregonvos.net

Each year at this season, I tell one branch of the Welsh myth cycle Mabinogi. This year,I've cycled back to the first branch, Rhiannon.

I'll be at the Laurelthirst Public House on Monday 3 May at 9:30. The story lasts about two hours. The cost is $6.00. This is a bar; minors are not legal.

I don't know if this sort of thing is what you had in mind, but it's what some of us do.


Black Bloc Action 20.Apr.2004 11:54


Call for Black Bloc Militant Action on Mayday!
author: Widerstand

Attention my fellow Anarchists, anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians and activists this is a call for a Portland Black Bloc on Mayday at the North Park Blocks. At high noon speakers until 2pm then we take the streets!

The history of Mayday is closely linked with the anarchist movement and the struggles of working people for a better world. Indeed, it originated with the execution of four anarchists in Chicago in 1886 for organizing workers in the fight for the eight-hour day. Thus May Day is a product of "anarchy in action" -- of the struggle of working people using direct action in labor unions to change the world ("Anarchism . . . originated in everyday struggles" -- Kropotkin)

Attention my fellow Anarchists, anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians and activists this is a call for a Portland Black Bloc on Mayday at the North Park Blocks. At high noon speakers until 2pm then we take the streets!

We only need to look back at previous Mayday actions to know that more militant action is needed. Come with your masks, sticks, flags, shields, slingshots, body armor, rock, paint, and anything else you feel is necessary.

In solidarity
Support Your Local Black Bloc!

In response to Black Bloc Action 20.Apr.2004 14:51

Gene Lawhorn Carpenter Local 247 unionhammerhead@yahoo.com

Greetings Fellow Workers,
In response to the call to militant action by Widerstand: First Widerstand needs to brush up on his or her history. May Day originated out of the Carpenters Union back in 1884 when P.J. McGuire had a resolution introduced in the FOTLU convention. That's the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of Canada and the US, the predecessor of the AFL, American Federation of Labor. The resolution called for a general strike for the eight hour day by all working people to begin on May first of 1886. The Anarchist who like to claim May Day as their holiday were against the eight hour day at first. They felt the eight hour day was too much of a compromise to the capitalist system. Furthermore the Haymarket martyrs were executed in 1887, not 1886.
May Day is NOT about Anarchy! May Day is about struggling for work place, and social justice. May Day is foremost about the struggle for a shorter work day. May Day is about celebrating our past, and reaffirming our committment to the future as empowered working people!
Remember the lesson of May Day, An anarchist threw a bomb into the ranks of police killing seven. The police paniced and opened fire into the crowd killing an unknown amout and wounding over 200 people. WE DO NOT WANT A REPEAT OF THIS KIND OF " ANARCHY IN ACTION"! I know their are historical differences, was it an agent provacator, or an anarchist who threw a bomb? Well folks in the long run of history the outcome made little difference who threw the bomb. The violence worked against us as working people. It set the eight hour struggle back decades, and caused police repression against union activists all over the Nation.
Widerstand calls for you to bring rocks, slingshots, paint, body armor, and ect...Well now talk about agent provacation!!! What kind of person brings a slingshot, or rocks to a gunfight. Remember folks the Portland Police don't play with sticks and slingshots! They got guns! And they aren't afraid to use them!!!
We at the United Brotherhood Of Carpenters have gotten involved with the May Day celebration because we started it. Not the Anarchist! We want all of organized labor, and all workers et al to participate and feel safe.
This militant and violent action called for creates an atmosphere of fear, and hatred. How do you suppose the police will respond in such an atmosphere?
I strongly encourage all who choose to come and participate to recognize
the fact they will be young children, elderly folks, and families present. Any violent action endangers these folks and the majority who want a peacable demonstration.

For the one big Union,
Gene Lawhorn Carpenters Local 247