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No Starbucks Planning Meeting

Do you find Starbucks repulsive in your neighborhood? Do you find Starbucks repulsive on this planet? If so your welcome to address these concerns and take action. Come down to the Cascadia Rising Infoshop this Wednesday at 6:00pm to discuss the next stages of the campaign against Starbucks. Give input on event planning and the overall orientation of the campaign.
As most anyone knows who has been to Division St.lately the Starbucks in 7 Corners is near completion. For a company worried about public image as it plans to expand its coffee production tenfold and shop locations threefold to 25,000 stores nationwide, one would imagine that the executives and management might have hesitation about openning up at a highly unpopular location. However, thanks to the corporate prostitution of city council and Starbucks entire lack of care for community desire or involvement, the planned location at 21st and Division is scheduled to open in the next few weeks.

A few street trees and a soothing tan exterior have not changed the community's opposition to the store. That is why the campaign must go continue. This will not be the last neighborhood or city this parasitic corporation will try to invade, nor will this be the last nationally competitive retailer to try and siphon business from Portland's strong inner eastside small business community. As we speak the city, inconjunction with the Portland Development Commission is courting none other than Home Depot for a location at MLK Blvd. and E. Burnside.

It is evident that the problem is not going away, it is getting worse. For anybody concerned about the future of our neighborhoods, communities, and ultimately or city, you are invited to come down to the Cascadia Rising Infoshop at 6:00pm this Wednesday and discuss possible actions against these forces. All are welcome and all are urged to get involved. This is not just one store here and there, this is a corporate movement to control how live and what we consume. They cannot and will not succeed. Hope to see you there.

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