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gender & sexuality

New header for Gender and Sexuality page

Suggestions needed for revision of new header for the gender and sexuality page.
This may be the new header for gender and sexuality page. Please comment and offer suggestions or
revisions, also any links to local resources on the topic would be great.

Gender, sexuality, patriarchy, and power—these issues affect us all at some time in our lives. Whether it be our relationships at home and/or work, our gender and sexuality (real or perceived) impacts the way we are seen and treated by others. No one can speak for your experience except you, but many mouthpieces in the power structure will try. This site exists for that reason, read others insights into patriarchy, peoples' stories, and post your own thoughts on our gender and sexuality page. Create connections across the artificial divides that they try to separate us with. Learn—Teach—Act.
a link 19.Apr.2004 22:33

another volunteer

i think we should have a link to the indybay glbt page. it is a very good page. it isnt necessarily gender / sexuality, but it is a great resource:  http://www.indybay.org/lgbtqi/

Also, the links from the resources page (i think there is only one currently) should be prominent in the header, so local folks will have a local outlet to turn towards.

.. 22.Apr.2004 12:47


Hows bout one just being gender and one just being queer, les, gay, bi and one for the women's movement.