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The Day After Tomorrow Campaign Update

Update of what a couple organizations are doing to facilitate the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" coming out May 28th. Your participation would be greatly appreciated by these organizations, me, your future self in the greenhouse gas reduction now future, and future generations.
Move on:
- coordinating a nat'l grassroots outreach effort focused around leafletting at local theaters. The leaflets they use will direct people to a very basic website.
It seems that many of the state-based groups are working with them on
- 4/29 they are having a press conference in LA with NRDC forentertainment press
- 5/23 their members are having house parties across the country. The theme will be broader than just climate change but Gore will be speaking on a conference call for all the parties for 45 about climate change, getting people psyched for Day After Tomorrow work.
- 5/24 is the NYC premier for the film. A few hours before the premier they will hold an event, seeking to draw the attention of the press who will be in town for the premier. They already have Gore and Al Franken signed up to participate in whatever it is they do.

- Working with Ben and Jerry's on a "get the scoop" campaign. People will get a free scoop of ice cream along with promotional material. They are also sending pints of ice cream with their press kits.

Greenpeace will also be involved.

We should set up a list of "10 things that students can to "including things that other organizations will already be doing (flyering) and new things that can get the word out about what campuses and businesses are doing to stop global warming...

just a rough idea of some things...
go to local theator and pass out flyers which can be downloaded from website sometime soon (preferably on reused or recycled paper)
organize bike caravans & carpools to the movie
collect signatures supporting local clean
energy efforts
banner hang around theator
hold a press conference or some fun media event

Street theater might be appropriate and entertaining to people waiting in line too. Feel free to post any ideas below.
I also encourage you to become a Carbon Neutral citizen like this movie's producers did to offset this movie's production emissions. Learn how at  http://www.futureforests.com/dayafter/

homepage: homepage: http://www,fossilfools.org

More enviro action connected to "The Day After Tomorrow" 27.May.2004 16:09

Ben Smith

Environmental Defense has also launched an online action center related to "The Day After Tomorrow:"

Check out our psa, download flyers for canvassing movie theaters, and more.

Have fun, enjoy the movie, and take action.