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The world of privacy does not exist

Neither government nor big business can be trusted to preserve your privacy.

I listen as people complain about identity theft and the government
telling us it's becoming an epidemic. Some states have created a
point system of proving your identity in order to get a driver's
license. The government is doing their best to make sure we are who
we say we are. That thought scares me a whole lot; then again I'm a
long haired liberal. Some people find comfort in believing a point
system will potentially hinder terrorism. Or stop those evil geniuses
from stealing our identities. If identity theft is such a problem how
come the government hasn't made it easier for someone to rectify their
problem if it happens? Good luck calling a credit bureau all you get
is a recording.

I know my share of people who drive without a license and I wonder if
a terrorist would call off his act of terrorism if he can't meet the
six point tier system in the state of New Jersey for a license.
Personally I am starting to notice a trend and its making me nervous.
We are made to solidify who we are in order to get our proper papers.
Wasn't there a term, papers please spoken by guys kicking their feet
high, walking like geese? The scariest part is this was less then a
sixty years ago.

Most people who know me consider me way too left and I only try to
explain to them I don't believe everything I read or hear in the news.
Those are profit making corporations that have an obligation to share
holders before the people they report to. Back to identity theft, why
is it every time you walk into a store you are offered to sign up for
a discount card for ten percent off. Let's get real people, their
tracking your data and making you a better consumer.

Anybody who wants information on you is going to get it from your
local book store or video store. I guarantee they have your home
address and phone number on file. We know for a fact that the video
store has your credit card on file. How come the government doesn't
crack down or regulate the information that big business collects from
its consumers? Big business is the evil twin to big brother. One of
the brothers is making sure we register ourselves properly and make
sure we are who we say we are. The other brother is offering us ten
percent off products so we give them all our information for a
database. The two brothers got to be up to no good if you ask me.

Perhaps I'm going through a stage in my life where I'm becoming a
conspiracy theorist. What's more likely is I am becoming older and
more aware. I just finished reading a book about Napoleon Bonaparte
as he grew in power and became Emperor. His brother Joseph Bonaparte
was King of Naples and brother Luis King of Holland, certainly not a
democracy. Here in the United States George Bush was Vice President
and President. Both of his sons were Governors, one now President and
the other still governor. Excuse me but where is the Democratic

On the other side of the political table we have Kerry; I can't seem
to figure him out. However, he certainly married well. When does the
American public wake up and vote for some person man, woman, and
black, Chinese, Jew, Spanish or Muslim that can just do the job. The
presidential race is turning into a trash throwing contest, why don't
they just mail us their resumes shut up and let us decide. Dump the
electoral vote and let the people speak for once. It's amazing we are
bright enough to go work forty hours a week but we have to pay some
one to do our taxes.

Big brother is watching you the caption beneath it ran. However big
brother is not listening to you. The don't hear the cries of young
black mothers to bring their sons home from a war they believe is being
fought over oil. Black Sabbath said it best "Politicians hide
themselves away they only started the war why should they go out to
fight? They leave their role to the poor, yeah." Imagine Ozzy having
such insight.

I titled this piece there is no privacy, because you're giving it
away. Stop believing in the ten percent off, that data will some day
come back to haunt you. Big business lies, they tell you one thing
and do another. Why beat around the bush? Enron is a Texas company
real close to a certain political figure we all know. How does it
happen a CEO or high level executive steals hundreds of thousands
of dollars, even millions from a company and that well feed and bread
gets small time. Some young kid from the Bronx does a stickup and
gets 15 years. Justice? Go figure as Miguel Pinero said it right
justice, just us rich folk.

The only privacy that exists is what big brother hides from us. I beg
you to stop your ten percent cards and ask yourself what they really
are in the long run. I'm a skip tracer. I find people for a living,
your making my job too easy. Over the past twenty years doing what I
do, I see no good coming out of data. It's stored, sold, resold and
reinvented into another use by some one some where.

"War is peace, Freedom is slavery. And Big Brother is watching... .'
- George Orwell

By Frank M. Ahearn - www.frankahearn.com

Until next issue stay cool and remain low profile!

Privacy World
So True 28.Apr.2004 14:35

Mason Bornmite

I have seen his other articles, I find him rather enlightening.