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Willy Week Claims That Cops Shooting Unarmed Citizens Isn't Murder

According to Willamette Week's Rogue(s) of the Week activists who demand reform when police kill unarmed people are rogues.

"...inflamed rhetoric such as likening a police killing to "murder" does not help the relationship between the Portland police and the community it serves--it only hurts it. Get a grip, people." EVERY TIME AN UNARMED PERSON IS SHOT BY A POLICE OFFICER Willamette Week, other ineffectual press people and so-called community leaders (they) insist that we "should discuss the problem and see what changes we can make to stop this kind of tragedy from happening again."

That is complete bullshit. They sure have talked about it enough. How many reports and commissions do they need? They know what needs to be done but they don't insist on the changes. They have blood on their hands because change would happen if the they would stop protecting these murderers.

"crazed" leftist writes: According to the Willamette Week it's anti-cop hysteria be critical that cops shoot down unarmed people in cold blood several times a year. So I guess I'm hysterical to thinkg that cops killing an unarmed man 24 fucking seconds after a traffic stop is murder.

Screw you Willamette Week.

I'm scared that me, my friends, my family, my neighbors and my fellow citizens will be shot down for no reason and you assholes think that's hysterical. Murder is murder no matter how you try to spin it.

CatWoman writes: I can't say these words enough. Let me say it again: Fuck the Corporate Media.

WW has just proved, once again, whose side they're really on. They play hip and cool, but we know what they really are. One more corporate mouthpiece trying to co-opt the masses.

The only voices in town out there really interested in the truth are our own. The corporate media is still trying to protect McCollister by hiding his face, even as they plaster the faces of every "suspect" the police name across their pages and their screens. Thank God the people no longer need the corporate media to keep informed. They've lost their grip on our minds: we have real alternatives. Thanks to Rose City Copwatch, to whomever found the photo, and to all the people who continue to post that fucker all over town, we know what this "armed and dangerous" criminal looks like without their help.

And thanks to Arissa for stepping up. No matter how much corporate media whining issues forth from the pages of WW or the studio at KATU, we will all be there for the action next week. Fuck killer cops, fuck killer cop apologists, and fuck the corporate media.

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