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Medicine Lake Defense

Medicine Lake is threatened by Calpine, ENRON's spawn in the CA "energy crisis" a few years ago. The sacred healing waters of this lake could be permanently altered by Calpine's geothermal drilling, bringing hydrogen sulfide to the surface and contaminating the lake's healing waters..
Cascadia Earth Day action against Calpine;

Medicine Lake is another powerful example of the death grip multinational corporations have on sacred and public lands. Why not pay a vist to the Calpine office nearest you and let them know what you think:

In Portland, 805 SW Broadway, Suite 1850, Portland, OR 97205
Phone: (503) 223-2300.

Calpine Corporate Headquarters 50 West San Fernando Street San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (409) 995-5115 Fax: (408) 995-0505.

(Sacramento Water Quality Board at 10 am?)

For more information, contact the Medicine Lake Defense Project at 541-482-2640

Many tribes of NorCal (Pit River, Shasta, Wintu) are opposed to the theft of sacred Medicine Lake by Calpine corporation. Maybe corporate america only understands the value of money, not the sacredness of a volcanic caldera that heals people for centuries, past present and future. Seems like the US government and the wealthy corporations like Calpine just can't stop inflicting cultural genocide against the First Nations of Turtle Island..

from Cascadia Rising Medicine Lake info page;

The Water Quality Control Board will hold a public hearing on April 22 or 23 in Sacramento (details change often, please call to confirm) to decide on Calpine's proposal to use experimental technology at Medicine Lake. The experimental technology involves injecting hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acids into test wells at Medicine Lake to create more geothermal activity. What's at stake is the health of the largest aquifer in California that feeds into the water supplies of many cities. This practice is largely experimental, undocumented and has been found to cause earthquakes and could pollute water. The most likely company to perform this harmful experimental practice is none other then war profiteer Halliburton (Dick Cheney's former company that is being investigated for illegal business dealings in Iraq). Extensive testing of this experimental drilling must be undertaken before allowing Calpine to move forward at Medicine Lake. Demand that the Water Quality Board undergo widespread testing to determine the long-term effects of such experimental drilling. Please come out to Sacramento on the 22 or 23 (Call for details) or write to the Water Quality Board and urge them to not allow this harmful practice at Medicine Lake!


homepage: homepage: http://www.earthfirstjournal.org/efj/feature.cfm?ID=54&issue=v20n7

more Calpine info 19.Apr.2004 17:19

Medicine Lake Defense

About Calpine

Calpine, a major Enron affiliate and indited player in the
"California Energy Crisis, is the company the holds the leases to
public lands at Medicine Lake and was just defeated at Humboldt Bay
on a dangerous Liquefied Nature Gas Plant. Calpine is the 3rd
fastest growing corporation in the US, and was a major player in the
"energy crisis". Peter Cartwright, Calpine's chief executive earned
$23.9 million during the "crisis", up from $3.3 million in 1999, and
Calpine's revenue went up by 198%. Calpine not only used the crisis
for extortion in contracts for plants and public land decisions, but
had their plants subsidized whether they were built or not and
demanded payments to "reserve energy" from California, ripping off
the taxpayers for millions in addition to billions from ratepayers.
They also recieved $50 million in substidied to build at Medicine

Some other provisions Calpine received are: transfer of cost
to the taxpayer if plants are not built on schedule, $80 million
payments from the state to reserve the right to buy energy, and
putting the state on the hook for the cost of environmental
regulations. Their vice-president was the president of the
Independent System Operators (the energy group responsible for
price-fixing) during the "energy crisis".

Calpine is currently being sued in class actions suits from
stockholders, environmental justice groups and environmentalists in
lawsuits for building plants in low-income areas and sacred lands,
along with lawsuits for market manipulation in the energy crisis.
They are currently partnering with both Bechtel and Halliburton on
current power projects.

This could be added to the experimental testing part in the alert below.

Calpine corporation is trying to get a permit to do experimental
chemical testing at it's test holes at their proposed Fourmile Hill
plant site at Medicine Lake due to lack of geothermal activity. This
is largely untested, undocumented and potentially very harmful to
water quality in this wild area. The contract for this activity
would be preformed by corporate energy giant Halliburton (Dick
Cheney's former company that is currently being investigation for
corporate crimes in Iraq and other oil rich countries).

There is a Water Board Hearing Date about Calpine's permits in Sacramento on April 22nd at 10 am.


In Portland,
805 SW Broadway, Suite 1850
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: (503) 223-2300.

In San Jose,
50 West San Fernando Street San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (409) 995-5115
Fax: (408) 995-0505.

Med Lk pulled frm agenda? 19.Apr.2004 18:49

Calpine still waiting

on the Regional Water Quality Control Board for Central Valley (region 5) it seems the Calpine item is pulled from the agenda on April 22/23..

Before our victory dance, remember that corporations like Calpine don't give up, they just wait til people forget..

Either way, looks like this Earth Day one less corporation to worry about..