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Active Logging at Blue River Face

Old-growth being cut in the Willamette National Forest
Timber sale monitors have just discovered active logging is underway at the Blue River Face timber sale in the Wilamette National Forest. The area is a classic old-growth stand rich with mosses, lichens, and huge trees. Most of unit 5c has been felled(16 acres). Units 5d and 5e have not been cut. These are the units with 500 year old trees and the largest known population of Pseudocyphellaria Rainierensis, Spotted Owls,and much more. It is unknown if units 5a and 3 c,d,e are being cut at this time. About 100 acres of the timber sale remain.

These are the same stands of trees where our dear brother Sparrow climbed trees with brave dedication to document the presence of The Oregon Red Tree Vole. Blue River Face was indeed the first place he came to do upper canopy surveys and he found substantial data, which was turned into the Forest Service. Many activists spend hundreds of hours documenting the presence of sensitive and threatened species within this area. All this is being ignored by the US Forest Service and Roseboro Lumber Company. This area actually nearly contiquous with 10,000 acres of Andrews/Lookout Creek ancient forest and is located on slopes leading down to the cold clear Blue River.

Any heat we can generate on the De-Forest Service (McKenzie Dist
(541-822-3381)) and Roseboro Lumber, in Springfield (514-746-8411), is
really critical right now.

Pass the word any way you can and start calling these misdirected people
first thing Monday morn.

We are fighting the good fight even if most the odds are against us.
Keeping our fighting spirit is nearly the most important thing we have.

Directions to Blue River Face:

Hwy 126 east from Eugene/Springfield (Mckenzie Hwy) approx 60 miles, pass the town of Blue River a short distance, turn left at Blue River Reservoir exit, drive approx 5 miles until road forks at campground, take right fork (to Lookout Creek) and keep going-stay on main road and cross Lookout Creek Bridge, veer left after bridge and continue for a few miles until you reach the top of the hill, road crests where timber sale begins.