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Tre Needs Bail Money

Tre Arrow is in need of bail money. Tre needs $2500 for bail and there is a benifit for him tonight at 8:00 in Victoria, BC at the Namaste Cafe. Tre is looking thin after five weeks according to his lawyer but is relativly good shape. This is the latest from catwoman in Victoria.
Tre Arrow is in need of bail money. This is the latest word from Catwoman in Victoria. She says the letter writing campaign worked and Tre won his bail hearing and now is in need of $2500.00. There is a benifit tonight in Victoria, BC at the Namaste Cafe and Cat wishes for a similar campaign to go on in Portland. She spoke with Tre's lawyer and learned that Tre is looking thin after a five week hunger strike but still in relatively good shape. There is though a down side to this seemingly easy exit for Tre. According to Cat, Tre may be rearrested as soon as he is released on a provisional warrant under the extradition act. Cat asks that everyone "think good thoughts" for Tre.
Folks in the US can donate through TALDF 18.Apr.2004 20:26

westwind TALDF

Thank you to the folks in Canada, and to everyone, in both contries, who have contributed their money, time, energy and love to this effort. Your efforts are paying off and adding up!!

Folks in the US can contribute to Tre's bail and defense by sending checks to Tre Arrow Defense Fund 125 NE 83rd Portland Oregon 97220. Please make checks/money orders payable to "Tre Arrow Defense Fund"

Please hold Tre in the light of your personal spiritual tradition this week, he will need all the thought, prayers, incantations and love we have to offer

125 NE 83rd Portland, Oregon 97220