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Nader and the Reform Party (LA Times)

"Nader Has Qualified Nowhere, Plans to Everywhere"
By Nick Anderson

The Reform Party, which espouses fiscal discipline and clean government, nominated conservative commentator Pat Buchanan in 2000. Now Nader, an anti-corporate crusader well to the left of Buchanan, could become its standard-bearer.


(Article requires free registration, I believe)
As an avowed Naderbaiter, I'd like to say I'm surprised that Ralph is teaming up with Pat Buchanan's allies, but since 2000 he has been displaying acute Republican symptoms, in my opinion. Not surprised at all.

Now I will grant you that this is the LA Times and this corporate news source is hardly unimpeachable, but I'd like to hear some local Nader supporters comment on what to me appears to be a very questionable (and desperate) choice of allies (i.e. the progressives are fleeing Nader in droves so he turns rightward to placate his ego-campaign).
I'm surprised too 18.Apr.2004 17:15


I'm surprised that, if true, this is the first smart campaign strategy I've seen in the past 3 years (or more).

If Nader took the hed of the reform party the republicans will piss their pants, literally.

Look, the republicans blame their loss in 1992 on Perot becuase of his success running on a platform very similar to Nader's (fiscal conservative, pro-business, anti-NAFTA, socially progressive). That is why Buchanan was employed to sabotage the reform party in 2000. The people that could truly be considered the reform party defected to the natural law party and supported a candidate (Haglin) who was also running on a similar platform to Nader.

Get Nader on a party that is not associated with "leftism" and you have a serious threat to the republican party (and the democratic party). One can only hope this is true. Time to bring the corporate parties to their knees. Plus, it's so entertaining to watch them flip out.

The republicans will have to do something to counter this, maybe Buchanan will be entering the race shortly.

The problem with the L.A. Times 20.Apr.2004 15:17

politics as possible

Problem with the L.A. Times website is that it requires registration, including cookies, which doesn't appeal to me. But about Ralph:

From the old days, and the old country, my Scottish grandfather used the word "uncanny" --- meaning that it went beyond anything you could figure out. ("Canny", from the verb "can", applied to anyone who could get things done; "uncanny" was reserved for someone who got things done in ways that were beyond understanding.) That's how I am beginning to see Ralph. I don't beleve that he is a Republican shill or an agent for the Republican Party/secret government establishment like Buchanan. And I doubt whether it's all ego --- although he obviously must have some of that. The best that I can figure about Nader is that he is angry beyond anger, wise beyond any "conventional wisdom" --- uncanny.