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Following godhatesfags.com around PDX

Members of Fred Phelps' church toured several Portland churches as well as PSU this morning to spread the word of fag hatred.
"Fags Wed," "God Hates America," "Your Pastor is Lying," "Fag Enablers," and "God Blew Up the Shuttle" were just some of the signs carried around Portland by members from the Westboro Baptist Church this morning.

The WBC is home to Rev. Fred Phelps and is behind the website www.godhatesfags.com. Phelps sent his cronies to Portland this weekend due to Oregon's unprecedented support of queers and queer marriage.

Along with carrying around hateful signs, members of the WBC also sang "America, America," substituting "With burning flames and crashing planes, God shed his wrath on thee," for the original lyrics.

I followed the WBC to three different churches this morning before they went to PSU. At each church, members of the congregation came out to usher worried church-goers inside and to smile and greet passers-by. At the church on SW 14th and Columbia, one person showed up with a huge sign which read "God Loves Us All" and at the 1st United Methodist Church on SW 18th and Jefferson, a girl had a sign that said "God Loves All," which the members of the WBC threw shit on.

More than their hateful messages, passers-by seemed to be upset by one loud member of the WBC dragging an American flag around on the ground and standing on it, calling it a "filthy fag symbol." One man with "Marines" embroidered on his jacket got in the guy's face and another man had to be held back from hitting the hate-monger.

PSU had the biggest turnout for counter-protesters with loud music and plenty of pro-queer signs. Through a benefit that contributed money for every minute that the WBC was there protesting, they (I'm not sure of the organization" raised over $200 for SMYRC.

Tomorrow, 4/19 at 9:15 am, the WBC is going to return to PDX after a stint in Salem to protest at the PDX City Hall. All are encouraged to come and to show your support for queers and queer allies or just your hatred for Phelps' evil message!

homepage: homepage: http://www.godhatesfags.com

DogsHateCats 18.Apr.2004 14:54


Wouldn't it make sense for them to go the Multnomah County Building too ? But then again, dragging the flag around doesn't make any sense either. With their gay hate dog and pony show they have at least 50% of the populace with them, when they attack America and the flag they lose most of those 50%. They must just like being loathed. How utterly bizarre.

The Organization 18.Apr.2004 15:20


The organizatopn that you mentioned that was raising money at PSU was SMIRC and it got 250 dollars! YAY SMIRC!

actually the organization 18.Apr.2004 16:46


Actually, the fundraiser was created and carried out by Kestryl Lowry of Unisex, United Sexualities, Lewis and Clark College. It was her project and her decision to give the proceeds to the Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center. I think it should be written down in history books as one of the most brilliant anti-hate protest strategies ever.

Following godhatesfags.com around the Internet 18.Apr.2004 17:02

Hackers Hate Bigots

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Report back from City Hall 19.Apr.2004 13:22


The godhatesfags crew made it final appearance (for now) in PDX this morning at PDX City Hall and Queer Revolution was there to see them off. Several other people joined us for some shoutin' and luvin' and dancin' and some condom stuffed pinatas (with Phelps' image on them!).

It was the same as yesterday, they showed up, stood on the street corners and sang about how America is evil because it supports queers (?!?!?!). Yeah, that's why I can get married in one whole damned county in the entire country!!! They were nicely blocked by the flaming faggotry of QR and our allies!!!

Also, someone (thanks to whoever!!!) egged one of the fag-haters!!!

egg??? 19.Apr.2004 15:52

idahoan against phelps

way to go someone!!!

Christian's Irony 19.Apr.2004 18:03

passerby to worship

For those who go to the sanctuary to share in the spirit of god and the mercy afforded by the life of jesus, it is a direct touch to our faith to be hated for it. We can preach to love our neighbor and to serve others as ourselves, but it is truly a leap of faith to look for and find the face of god in others. I walked by with a group of young people to attend a service up the street and was surprised to see indignation rise out of my ranks. I was also greatful we are given a chance so see the need for reconcilation so apparent. hate comes easy. it takes care to sow love on this earth. Thanks for dancing with these lost souls full of hate in the name of the one whose name translated roughly means "god is hope," where ever we are we are embraced by all that is surrounding us.