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Patriot Act

Patriot Act is artist/filmmaker Vanessa Renwick's newest installation work, an impassioned and sublime installation that explores our country's shifting personal and constitutional liberties. Renwick's piece consists of neon words installed in the library cases. The words emanate a meditative, ethereal glow and shift in and out of legibility depending upon one's perspective. Renwick's work foregrounds critical discourse concerning our access to and personal control over information and experience. In Patriot Act, Vanessa specifically references the Rights of Library Users:
The Library Bill of Rights affirms the ethical imperative to provide unrestricted access to information and to guard against impediments to open inquiry. Article IV states: "Libraries should cooperate with all persons and groups concerned with resisting abridgement of free expression and free access to ideas." When users recognize or fear that their privacy or confidentiality is compromised, true freedom of inquiry no longer exists. Adopted June 19, 2002, by the ALA. Council.

Copies of The Patriot Act are on hand to read.
April 10-June 13, 2004, Hauser Memorial Library
Reed College

homepage: homepage: http://web.reed.edu/gallery/case_works/index.html