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Help With Tre Arrow's Bail

Tre Arrow's bail must be paid before the immigration bail hearing can take place. In order to do this, we need generous folk to give what they can! ideally, we'd like to pay that $2500 at 9am this coming Monday, so that the second bail hearing can take place as early as Tuesday. Tre sends his love out to everyone, and thanks for the support from all those lovely folks!!

If you or anyone you know would like to donate graciously,here is
the lowdown:

within British Columbia, Canada:
You can go to any provincial court registry (law court) to put money towards
tre's bail. you have to state that it is for "Michael Scarpitti's" account in
Victoria, and the court file numbers are: 126344 and 12722C

if you are outside of BC:

it can be deposited directly into an account here in Victoria....from there,
it will be paid to tre's bail account at the provincial law court here in
victoria at 9am on Monday morning.to donate, please contact  shaeto23@hotmail.com, and from there, i can pass on deposit details.

thankyou and namaste!