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ABF: Anyone But Francesoni

Please don't vote for Jim Francesconi for Mayor!
Vote for Potter! Vote for Posey! Vote for Busse! Hell, even vote for Extremo the Clown but please don't vote for Jim Francesconi! He has raised around a million dollars from big corporations, land developers, etc. He is owned by the big guys and cannot be trusted with the keys to city hall.
ABF 17.Apr.2004 20:17


ABF is effective in a two-party system, but when you've got scads of candidates for mayor, an ABF attitude will get you the Fran Man. A vote for Extremo is a vote for Francesconi...

I have to agree on this... 17.Apr.2004 20:17

DJ Shadow

Francesconi is bad news! When I first moved here, Francesconi was in the process of shutting down the Human Rights Commission--something we could surely use in Portland these days. He voted against the city's anti-war resolution, making Portland one of only two or three cities to vote a resolution down. Even Chicago passed an anti-war resolution! He was the the only vote against extending Dignity Village's lease. He sucks!! And this is a guy who got his start with the Portland Organizing Project. Once he got his liberal credentials in place, he started sucking up to the Portland Business Association and other developer types, so that he could one day be mayor.

We need to say NO to him! We need to prevent hime from getting more than 50 per cent in the primary (May 18), so that there can be a run-off later. I'm not too excited about any of the other people, but any of them would be better than Francesconi. And not voting in a race like this IS voting--you would be voting for the status quo--voting for the guy with the most money--voting for big business. Even if you think the whole system is broken (as do I) it's important to send a message against big business backed, right wing candidates like Francesconi.

And the weird thing is that NO ONE likes this guy. I was just driving through upper/middle class Irvington, and there were about three Francesconi yard signs up, and tons for Potter. Seriously, who likes this guy, besides the Portland Business Association? Unfortunately he has about 1 MILLION DOLLARS to pretty much slam-dunk this thing--unless everyone says NO.

I hope this thread gets to stay on the main page, and is not relegated to the back-burner elections page. This stuff is important, and should have a place along all the other important stuff.

Yeah... 17.Apr.2004 20:34

The police union edorsed too.

Lookout, that can't be good.

do you have to be paranoid 17.Apr.2004 21:57


or can normal people notice, too, that it is always "Anyone But ..."

the danger of ABF 18.Apr.2004 00:00


Remember, ABF is not a wise philosophy. F sucks, BUT he is running against many people and if we are to have a chance against his heavy funding, we will

1. need to push the local media to tell the truth about him and to not let things like the Moyer shadiness go by the wayside.
2. not let his lies about opponents stand (like accusing Potter of illegal fundraising).
3. not vote for folks with no chance like Extremo. Of course that begs the question, who am I to tell you who to vote for? I'm nobody. But let's get rid of Francesconi and then get IRV so we don't have this dilemma in the future.

A question to Indy readers; supposing I took a survey and was able to identify a strong runner against Francesconi with nobody else close. Supposing this opponent agreed to push for Instant Runoff Voting. Would you be willing to vote for this person even if he/she wasn't your first choice?

Please post responses.

reality 18.Apr.2004 01:39

dr inquiry

ABF is a potentially dangerous notion. With scads of folks running, blindly splitting the vote is no good.

How about SBF (SOMEBODY besides Francesconi)?

Time for a multiple choice quiz. Just one question. Select as many options as you like and post choices below.

1. Supposing that I made an extensive survey and found that only one candidate was polling anywhere close to Francesconi. Which choice best represents your attitude towards supporting that candidate?
a. I'd support him/her no matter what. I don't want to throw my vote away.
b. I'd support him/her if he/she were closer to my ideals than Francesconi.
c. I'd support him/her if he/she were willing to support Instant Runoff Voting so that I wouldn't have to make a compromise like this in the future.
d. I'd support him/her if he/she were willing to support campaign finance reform to minimize the influence of money in elections.
e. Fuck off! I'll vote for whoever I like best.
f. I'd vote for him/her if _____ (write in answer).

Now that you've taken that quiz, what about strategies for defeating Francesconi?

Bombard news media with letters/calls/faxes/etc to make it clear that you want coverage of things like the Moyer contribution improprieties.

Bombard media & make it clear that you don't approve of the smear tactics used by the Francesconi campaign (like accusing Potter of illegal fundraising activities), or of including non-endorsers like BRO on their page of endorsing organizations.

In the race for Leonard's position, a half dozen or so community activists have indicated that they'll be supporting the one among them who gains the most traction against Leonard. Perhaps we can get the Francesconi opponents to do the same?

Other ideas?

never mind 18.Apr.2004 01:48

dr inquiry

ABF is a valid strategy for MultCounty. If Francesconi doesn't get a majority, then there's a runoff in November between the top two candidates.

Francesconi harmful for Portland 18.Apr.2004 15:53


After testifying before Council many times, and watching how Francesconi votes, I think he would be worse for Portland than Mayor Katz. He consistently votes for business & police concerns regardless of overwhelming evidence & testimony for the "opposite" position. When Council was the last step in the PIIAC process (former police review board) he always voted pro-police. He voted against the anti-war resolution and for the Portland police to participate in the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force even while expressing concerns that it didn't have any independent oversight. He makes insensitive comments to members of the homeless community and states concerns about racial profiling but does not support efforts to do anything about it.

It's very telling, also, that the PPA is endorsing a civilian over an ex-police chief for Police Commissioner, when police union officials consistently maintain that civilians cannot understand police issues!! Is the union afraid that Potter will actually try to hold police accountable?

Numbers game? 19.Apr.2004 10:43

Free Marmaduke

In response to Dr. Inquiry's comments, I've seen in other postings that unpublished polls done over the last several months (if you actually trust polls) show Tom Potter has been running neck-and-neck with Francesconi from the beginning of the race. Posey and Busse are pulling significantly smaller but not unoticeable numbers. Vote as you will.

Nothing wrong with ABF 19.Apr.2004 11:09


Nay-sayers constantly say "Don't waste your vote" or "A vote for little known X is a vote for the very bad man trying to assume office"

If everyone voted as they wanted to without listening to this nonsense maybe we would have some semblance of democracy.

My vote matters no matter who I choose to vote for. Fuck you for saying otherwise.


SBF = Busse 19.Apr.2004 14:25

news junkie

Busse has a plan. He's got my vote.

Local to Global 19.Apr.2004 14:27

Brian Smith

There are people like me trying to push progressive politics in Portland yet I can't even find base support besides the numerous people that I work with on projects already. If anybody remembers, I was passing out flyers for volunteers to help me over a year ago during all the big rallies. Look at the people running for Seat #1, what issues are they addressing and what have they really done? Between them they are anti-public power, anti-labor, and pro-privatization. We have a Mayor(23) and Seat #4(11) race filled with good people yet they are all fighting each other.

We need to start waking up real progressive politics in Portland. From what I have seen in local politics it almost mirrors national elections. We have supposedly liberal/democratic groups giving endorsements to candidates not based on the issues but there money raising abilities/electability. I have asked for an explaination from these groups with no response, to a simple question. Why and on what issues do you support this candidate?

Simple answer to problem, clean campaigns is great but what would help even more is instant runoff voting. Do the other candidates support IRV? Good question why isn't anybody asking them?

Does anybody know where these candidates stand on the real issues? Everybody wants good schools, jobs, and community policing. But what about putting regulations on monopolies to protect Portlanders, progressive fair tax system for business, environmental cleanup and prevention, protecting our civil rights, and the idea of publicly owned utilities.

I have definately learned a great deal about running a campaign. If I was able to raise $500 and have a few volunteers, that would have been great and increased my chances of winning 10 fold. Simply because the Multnomah Voters Guide costs $300 to be in and $200 could pay for supplies. So far I have spent about $30 and received about $24 in contributions.

Here's how I look at it, you have a situation where we could totally change Portland but nobody seems interested. Problem is there is a lot of big money that wants things to continue moving away from progressive views.

to s 19.Apr.2004 15:28

dr inquiry

"If everyone voted as they wanted to without listening to this nonsense maybe we would have some semblance of democracy."

I think that semblance of democracy you refer to is what most of us want. Get real--money wins elections. Lots of people genuinely DO vote for who they want, and it's the moneyed party. All of those dirty ads, and the positive ones too, convince people that the person with the money is the best person for the job.

Much of this stress about Ralph Nader from liberals is a recognition that he very well could be a spoiler this time even though he wasn't in 2000. And no, that's not an invitation to side-track the local nature of this discussion--it's just pointing out the flaws of an anybody-but system in a one-round voting contest which we now have on the national level since Bush and Kerry have their go-ahead to run already.

As I noted above, the ABF is a perfectly valid strategy for the Portland primary. I made a mistake in thinking and I already corrected myself.

"My vote matters no matter who I choose to vote for. Fuck you for saying otherwise."

Your vote DOES matter no matter who you vote for. It would ESPECIALLY matter if you and a couple of your buddies did a write-in vote in November for a third party which allowed Francesconi to win by, say, one vote. And did you get the idea that I said your vote didn't matter if you didn't vote for a certain candidate? My multiple choice options were simply trying to mirror the attitude that people have about voting.

But back to the more important question. How do we liberals help defeat Francesconi?

to dr inquiry 19.Apr.2004 16:05


How dare you insinuate that by choosing to vote my conscience I will allow Francesconi to win. Your pompous condescending attitude is the reason I and the rest of friends will NEVER vote the liberal line.

The time to organize around a candidate was six months ago not 2 weeks before the election. Your sudden panic is so typical. Nothing you do now will stop Francesconi from winning. The only chance now is that people will vote their conscience and avoid corporate influence. But is your narrow view that's "vote splitting".

Now back to the real issue: Why didn't the liberals bother to think about a mayoral candidate until now?

Phil Busse! 19.Apr.2004 16:17


Phil Busse deserves more recognition as a good candidate. Unlike Francesconi and Potter, he spouts actual ideas, not just generic meaningless politispeak ("What this city needs is A VISION!"... great guys, care to share your vision with us? No? Didn't think so.)

I strongly urge everyone to read Busse's plans for the city and read his bio. I know there is some idea that he's just a joke candidate... but if you ask me, he's clearly the best candidate for the job.

James Posey is good, too. He's more of a libertarian, so I don't agree with his politics as much, but I'd still prefer him over either of the two "leading" candidates. Sorry, I don't have any handy links to his suggested policies, but here's his main campaign page.

Vote for SBF, but make sure you VOTE! 19.Apr.2004 16:50


Voting for ANYONE (even Extremo the Clown or Jim Spag from cable access TV) adds one more vote to the pool that Francesconi must get 50 percent of to win the election.

No 50 percent = runoff between the top two candidates.

I'm supporting Phil Busse in the first round; he has very clear positions on several issues I'm concerned about, particularly police brutality/terrorism. Included in his Top 100 campaign ideas (at  http://www.meformayor.com) are:

-Revamp police protest training
-Review police taser use
-Mandatory police reports at every drawn gun
-Reduce use of pepper spray, rubber bullets, and stun guns

I'd like for Phil to win, but will take any of the candidates over Diamond Jim Francesconi and his gold-plated toilet.

Voting your conscience or living in an idealistic bubble? 19.Apr.2004 17:03

Bovina Muleshoe

I think voting one's conscience is something that we would all like to be able to do, but the ability to do that requires a level playing field, and that's something we don't have yet. The sad truth is, s, that sometimes voting one's conscience does result in a conservative candidate winning. There is a long and not very happy history of liberal ticket splitting (and the conservatives have seen some of it, too). I bet if you asked the people in Florida who voted for Nader if they would have voted for Gore knowing then what they know now, most of them would say yes.

The question one needs to ask ones self is this: Am I willing to accept the consequences of voting my conscience? If the answer is yes, then by all means, go ahead and vote your conscience. If the answer is no, then let go of idealism for a moment, and cast your vote for a candidate you can live with that has a chance of winning. Either way it makes sense to examine all the realities, distasteful as they are, that are part of our electoral system. You can vote your conscience, thereby not lending any support to a very screwed up system and feel morally superior, or you can make a sacrifice for what might just turn out to be the good of the commons.

And just my 2...Phil Busse might have some good ideas, but I can't vote for someone who takes the power of being a newspaper publisher and wastes it on a piece of crap like the Mercury.

? 19.Apr.2004 17:19

dr inquiry

"How dare you insinuate that by choosing to vote my conscience I will allow Francesconi to win."

In the scenario I laid out, it could. You can pontificate all you want, but facts are stubborn things. If you and a friend write in a vote for a third person, and Francesconi wins by one vote, then you and your friend allowed Francesconi to win.

"Your pompous condescending attitude is the reason I and the rest of friends will NEVER vote the liberal line."

I don't vote for the liberal line either. On the other hand, if my attitude, rather than matters of merit, dictate how you vote, then you are a fool indeed! You said it, not I. And really, is my attitude pompous and condescending? I think your idealism has left you angry at the world--and caused you to level charges at me that needn't be levelled. There's a time and a place for idealism and there's a time and a place for practicality. I may be wrong, but I will speak my mind and try to steer you towards practicality, for now, AND, if you're not there already, towards reform of the voting system--something that you are so clearly in support of. Plain and simple, I think I'm right and you're wrong but that doesn't mean I think you're less of a person and it doesn't mean that I'm right, either.

You do raise an interesting point about folks waiting until the last minute. It is a problem. I would counter that I've been talking with people about the mayor's race for many months, wavering between Busse and Potter, and speaking against Francesconi.

I would also counter that I've been quite busy as an activist on a couple other subjects--the mayor's race is important, but you can work on one thing and make a bigger impact in that area, or you can work on lots of smaller things and make many smaller impacts. I choose to focus on a few things. If people look at these things, and see how their candidates stand on the matters, then they will probably NOT be voting for Bush or Francesconi.

For what it's worth, I'm voting for Busse in the primary. He's the only one I've found who's laid out not only a clear vision, but also a plan for how to accomplish that vision.

And what kind of time have you been spending on the mayor's race? From the way you've been talking, I expect a good answer.

Elitist Politics In Portland 19.Apr.2004 18:39

Robert Ted Hinds http://www.hinds4mayor.com

Without plugging myself as a mayoral candidate, I would like to make a statement about the very nature of elitist political control in Portland. For about 15 years I have been researching how power really works in America, inspired by great democratic champions like Galbraith and RF Kennedy. The catalysts for this were the Iran-Contra scandal and first Gulf War. I became more and more interested in the work of people like ex-CIA chief, John Stockwell, who went public to defend America from internal corruption and were publicly denegrated for it.

If I don't win the mayoral election for Portland, at least I have gained important insight into how paradigms are manipulated and/or reinforced on a local level in American politics. In Portland, the most shocking revelation has been how news media like The Oregonian frame public perception of a race. According to The Oregonian (paraphrasing), "We will focus on Francesconi and Potter, with a little Posey and Busse thrown in."

Now that might not be so shocking, except The Oregonian's own editorial staff has criticized those four candidates for their vague rhetoric and called not looking to other candidates as an act of "intellectual laziness." Yet they refuse to acknowledge any other candidates, regardless of qualifications. They won't cover mayoral forums that include outside candidates. Leaving myself out of it, Jerry Adams is the only PhD (Ohio State) in the race, and he has quite a career working with non-profit groups. Brad Taylor is a local social worker from Portland State with a great deal of insight into the issues of homelessness. They can't get any press either.

I am (plug time... sorry) the only candidate who has project management experience in multi-national organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees. I have degrees from UO and was recruited Fortune 500, a track record I maintain. Also, I'm the only candidate with the gonads to say I would follow the lead of Santa Cruz by asking for a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush for crimes against the Constitution. Do I get ANY publicity from local TV or The Oregonian or Portland Journal. Noooo. From The Oregonian's point of view, the only obstacle I haven't bridged to get coverage is "fundraising" and "endorsements." Yet the endorsement game, I've learned comes down to electability, which is a function of the publicity you are able to generate. And in Portland, Oregon, you don't get publicity unless you can generate fundraising dollars. Which means, politics is ultimately bought. That is elitism.

Francesconi - a really bad slimy guy 19.Apr.2004 19:54

someone who knows

I know Francesconi from his days over at St. Andrews Catholic Church. Believe me when I tell you that he is . . . well, a really bad guy. Racist. Liar. No conscience. You don't want him.

Derry Jackson incident 19.Apr.2004 23:09


Remember the incident where Derry Jackson of the school board got into hot water for voicing some politically incorrect views? Francesconi's response was something like "You don't mess with one of ours..." He can't help but reveal himself once in awhile with little comments like this. It is obvious that Francesconi is more loyal to his small group, than the greater population of Portland.

Money helps, but it is not always the deciding factor. If you have a small group of rich people willing to give you a million dollars and 100 votes, you still won't beat someone who has a larger group willing to give ten dollars each and 1,000 votes... that is if it's a cleanly run election.

The key is that a good deal of the voting population is aware. Somehow, I'm confident that Francesconi will tank. But I'm an optimist sometimes.

Au contraire 19.Apr.2004 23:11

Devils advocate

Just to throw a bit of contarianism in the unanimous mix here I am supporting Fran. I emailed him once about a park problem that I cant even remember now and he wrote back a real individual letter. I dont know much about the other candidates but it sounds to me like Fran is passionate about the quality of life in inner and greater Portland. He lives in inner NE himself I think. What is wrong with supporting inner city businesses? They are in a war with national chain/suburban based businesses. Keeping urban businesses healthy is good for all. Do you want us to become like Detroit that has let its inner city rot that is ultimatley the worst thing for the poor with no jobs /no hope all the wealthy fleeing the city for the suburbs which are devouring 2 million acres of prime farmland and wildernwss a year?

Hey Indymedia 19.Apr.2004 23:24

hide this page

why is this diatribe about Francesconi on the main page. Anything about the election is supposed to be hide away on some obscure page where no one can see it.
That is what you do to all other election related subjects, so why is this one on the main page. Bias? Taking sides? Judgemental? whats up? Hide this like you do the rest of the election material. Its not important anyway. Nobody cares that is why anything about this subject is tucked away and hard to find

Be an informed voter 20.Apr.2004 00:02

brad taylor brad@bradtaylorformayor.org

I strongly agree with Robert Ted Hinds and his impressions of our mayoral race. The field of candidates is diverse, passionate, and informed. Together, the 23 individuals who have put our names on the ballot represent the concrete consequence of democracy.

Our visions differ sometimes greatly, and we are able to dedicate different degrees of energy and resources into our respective campaigns. However, in all of the mayoral formum that I have attended, each candidate has offered a valuable piece of insight to our community discussion. I appreciate the number of candidates who have exposed personal vulnerabilities in order to push ahead their perspectives regarding the way our world ought to be.

There are non-voters, voters, and informed voters. And there are those who inspire individuals to vote while informing them of the issues and potentials. I appreciate each candidate in this race.

As a candidate, I invite each reader to contact me directly to discuss my impression of our democratic process. I will also offer to describe my vision for Portland.

Thank you. Please vote.

Brian Smith 20.Apr.2004 10:28


Could you imagine the possibilities if Portland was using Instant Runoff Voting.



This is in all caps for a reason: as this thread makes clear, the majority of people in Portland do not realize that we use runoff voting here!!! Vote for whomever you want for city office this May! It does not matter! As long as a single candidate doesn't get 50% of the vote, then the top two candidates appear on the November ballot. Only THEN (in November) will your write-in vote potentially cause a conservative to be elected. But this May, VOTE FOR WHOMEVER YOU LIKE BEST. You CAN NOT cause Francesconi to get elected by voting for a minor candidate.

Please spread the word! This is important! MOST PEOPLE do not know this information! A vote for (CITY CANDIDATE X) is not a vote for (CONSERVATIVE CITY CANDIDATE).

Why Give Jim a Second Chance? 20.Apr.2004 22:33

make your vote count now

I like the idea of identifying Jim's most viable opponent in the May primary, and trying to score that candidate a majority of the vote in the first election. A runoff in November will just give Francesconi a second chance.

I support F 21.Apr.2004 15:33

First time poster

Francesconi has done some really great things for some close friends of mine through his programs in inner NE Portland and working with helping kids leave gangs, he has helped change the lives of people I know in unbelivalble ways, he has my support.

Francesconi....responsible? 11.May.2004 22:54


Francesconi is running on a platform that he is fiscally responsible. He brags about consolidating departments and bureaus. What he has done is rip all the expertise from each bureau and dump them into Corporate IT, run by a power hungry control freak with the initials of TG. A couple of internal audits have been done trying to figure out why so much money is being spent on the now consolidated Corporate IT with no real increase in productivity. Of course since TG also controls to audit we can all figure out what the result was.

The water bureau is still a mess, productivity in almost all the bureaus is non existent. "Standards" are being set without proper procedure or legal precedent. Most of the bureaus were using software that did a great job before the consolidation. The new standard that was forced down the throats of every productive bureau in the city now cost eight to eleven thousand dollars per copy instead of less than two thousand dollars a copy for the stuff that worked. Several bureau chiefs wrote a "mutiny" letter to Mayor Katz and the council. The letter simply stated they were loosing productivity because bureau expertise was being taken away and the cost of the new standard was something no one had budget for. None of the bureau chiefs are still employed at the city or have been forced into obscure positions. Even the Portland police bureau was not immune from the politics. Mayor Katz took all control away from the police chief and was making all hiring and firing decisions including who got promoted and who didn't.

So, thank you Mr. F for all the help in taking "The City That Works" to a new low. With your help, everyone has now turned in their power equipment and been forced to use hand tools. It doesn't seem to matter to you that the hand tools are draining budgets. Why should you worry, you have the citizens and business of Portland at your disposal. You can tax all of us right out of the city. Did you forget you work for US? We are not here as your piggy bank.

If you want my vote, borrow a big stick from Randy Leonard and start cleaning house. If not, perhaps some sharp investigative reporter can start digging into why it's costing the citizens of this city so much for your idea of saving money by consolidating.