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Intellectual Honesty

Liberals can be quite bashful
Intellectual Honesty

What is appropriate? What is unacceptable? What can you ask and what you cannot. All you can see reflects only what you have allowed us to see from our posts. What you cannot see is what has been removed from your view, or is yet to be expressed. Sometime you cannot even see your rejects in the compost. Some things are just too bad to see andsimply disappear from the list. Computer operators can suppress expression and as you know your vote.

I am not saying things are completely bad, but things can be better. You must not pull your puritanical hats so far down that you cannot see.

Indy is a place where you can see sad dead people, but not happy naked people. If I were to have a choice between illustrating a point of persuasion I would choose happy naked people that unhappy people. This point has not been missed by people who sell you things you do not need, but it has been missed by people whom try to persuade you as to what is needed.

Indy is a reflection of its culture and you got to push to make it change. It relies on intellectuals often not willing to take risk if it has anything to do with sex.
In compost 18.Apr.2004 13:10


Sex sales. There is one thing that has not been sold well. Thats PEACE.
Call it an experiment in communication.

I thought making a movie or short would be fun. I am sure it would be even funner with a group.

Themes, plots, rolls, or video with rights would be welcomed.

How about antiwar or issue porn. What would be the composition of the viewer. Would these folks not be the target audiance needed for votes for peace and love?

What are your comments or what would you like to suggest?

In confidence


"sex sells" 19.Apr.2004 01:21

. . .

In the 1970s in Germany there was a hardcore socialist magazine called Konkret that, for a time, used pictures of naked women on its front covers. Nothing inside the magazine reflected this: the stories inside were all about working towards changing society. The editors were just taking advantage of the fact that sex sells to spread that message.

It's fascinating when sex is used to sell something that otherwise has intellectual high standards. Why, however, are the naked people shown in newspapers and magazines never men? This is blatant inequality. If people are equal, why would the sight of a naked man be undesirable - or, worse, obscene?