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David Ray Griffin ("The New Pearl Harbor") TV Interview on INN Report

Excusive TV-interview with David Ray Griffin "The New Pearl Harbor"


This week's INN World Report, include an excusive interview with David Ray Griffin (Friday pril 16th, 6PM EST).

Griffin recently released "The New Pearl Harbor".
He is a respected philosopher of religion at the Claremont School of Theology since the 1970s.
Griffin analysed 9/11:

"Standard operating procedures for dealing with possibly hijacked airplanes were not followed on 9/11", and "the World Trade Center buildings must have been detonated with explosives".

Furthermore an Interview with Peter Stockton from POGO. The advocacy group obtained an email, by a NORAD/NORTHCOM officer, which showed that "America's airspace were in fact concerned that a terrorist group would "hijack a commercial airline [sic] (foreign carrier) and fly it into the Pentagon." (April 2001)

POGO's story this week made Guardian, NY Times and Boston Globe. However, in our interview, Stockton didn't want to comment on any other wardrills between 2000 and 2001, including Vigilant Guardian, Northern Guardian and the NRO drill.

Also, this week, another telephone interview with our Iraq Correspondent Dan Murphy (CSM).

(The Tech staff at Freespeech have worked very hard to bring the RealServer back up, live video stream will be up at MNN Channel 57, INN repeats on the weekend on Sunday Apr 18, 2004, 12 AM ?

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