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Songun Politics Study Group (USA) April 16th Communique and Pro-DPRK Appeal!

xSongun Politics Study Group (USA)
April 16th Communique and Pro-DPRK Appeal!


Red Suns Day Summary

The Songun Politics Study Group (USA) and various Pro-DPRK Anti-Imperialists, held an eventful co-ordination luncheon on April 15th, Red Suns Day, to commemerate the 93rd anniversary of the Birth of Comrade KIM IL SUNG. It should be remembered, that Comrade KIM IL SUNG, the father of Juche, and a Brilliant Communist Guerrilla leader of genius, was the head of the Korean Resistance, when it sent the US imperialism to its first every military defeat. Prior in the last few days, Pro-DPRK poems, essay, and statements were sent to various leftist and progressive websites, new forums, groups, and personages. This included a KIM IL SUNG Study and Tribute Forum on our website. Much of the material was kindly provided to us, free of charge from the National Democratic Front of South Korea, our most faithful companions.

Comrade Noel Kelley, of the Songun Internet Group and the Korean Friendship Association, by e-mail expressed his disappoinat not being able to attend, and has informed us of his ardent desire to bring Songun Politics Study Group (USA) pamplets and fliers to various unversities in the state of Arizona.

Comrade Moabe, hailing from a tiny island nation in the south Pacific, commented on the importance of Anti-US struggle, before reading an encouraging statement from the National Democratic Front in South Korea, who vow to be our true comrade forever.These words touch our hearts, and sunk deeper into our minds the importance of following the Songun Politics and supporting the DPRK anti-US struggle, even at the cost of our blood.

Following this, John Paul Cupp, as acting Chairman of the meeting, read excerpts from "Kim Il Sung, the Great Man of the Century Vol. 2", which was sent to us as part of a Red Suns Day present which included 3 informative books and a cd-rom on the life and meaning of the Red Sun. For this we thank the National Democratic Front of South Korea vanguards, fellow Soldiers of Marshal KIM JONG IL.

Due to the ever vicious assault of the US imperialists in Iraq, our hearts were with Al-Fallujah, who are resisting the fascist massacre and occupation so dynamically. For this reason, and to better explain KIM IL SUNG's contribution to the Anti-US independence struggle, to the poor and working masses, including those in the US, special passages were selected. The passages selected include a few brief and insightful pieces such as "He Drive US Imperialism Down to a Decline" and Unexampled Boldness and Iron Will", which explain clearly lessons that the Korea people, under the Red Flag of Juche, have demonstrated to the entire world, in such places as Vietnam, Algeria, South Africa, Libya, and now Iraq. These Juche- type ideological concepts:

1. Recognize that the masses are the driving force of history.
2. The ideological struggle is of greater importance than numerical and technological strength.
3. It is none other than socio-political integrity which seperates humanity from the beasts of this world. (It is the masses of humanity who place principled before even life itself.)
4.Place the primary basis of struggle on the creative, independent, self-sufficiant nature of humanity by "using one's on brain".

By formulating the Juche Idea, Comrade KIM IL SUNG answered the basic philosophical question "Humanity who are you." He also provided a dynamic centered-on-the-masses alternative to dogmatic Marxist-Leninism and the reformist socialist, who preached the disgusting fallacies of "peaceful coexistance" with imperialism, "liberalism", and "pluralism". It is this human centered mass popular appeal, coupled with understanding the importance of maintain vigilant ideological struggle, which make the DPRK the great beacon of Songun Comradeship. In this society the role of the leader has been redefined. The leader loves and believes in the masses with all of himself, and the masses in turn are an iron fortress as one, against all enemies, which separates the DPRK from all other experiances from building and maintaining the Socialist State. This is also why, more than even nuclear defense capacity, that the DPRK wins struggle after sruggle against the US imperialists.

On DPRK Solidarity in the US

The pro-DPRK efforts in the US are still very small and difficult to maintain. While anti-war sentiment in the US grows, much of it is in the hands of opertunists, who desire nothing more than to maintain the liberal-lefts wing of the imperialist pole's control over pro-resistance and anti-imperialism of any kind. Adding to this is an engrained and reactionary individualistic knee-jerk reaction to communism. The imperialist press does not help the efforts normalized friendly relations by a consistance flows of lies and distortions pertaining to the DPRK's human rights record. It is sad that even after the imperialist admit to lieing about Iraq's supposed WMD's , certain quarters still continue to believe all that they are told.

To combat opertunism and misinformation, and to build the Pro-DPRK Solidarity, and Pro-Juche Pro-Songun Front, various suggestions have been brought to our attention or thought thrue and decided upon.

1. Build the Non-aggression Treaty with the DPRK movement- emphasis on building a united front within principled parameters to demand the US sign a fair non-aggression treaty with the DPRK, and withdrawl its troops from south Korea, as well as end interferance in the Re-unfication internal affairs.

2. The Woman Question- more efforts will be under way to correctly explain, study and understand the life of women in Korea, and perhaps make contact with various DPRK womens organizations.

3. Study and explain the Tanean work system- this is the anti-burocracy pro-people method invented by Comrade KIM IL SUNG, which is a testiment to the Korean-type of Socialism. Much of this material is available to us thanks to our friend in the UK.

4. Challenge the general trend of opertunism and national chavenism of the US. We must defend and ignite the valid Anti-US struggle from inside the epicenter of the global dictatorship. Every reaction stance from within the US is the symptom of a great problem which must be correct in a principled and disciplined way.

5. Increase ever further our communication bonds with the Pro-DPRK forces, particularly those in the US.

We call on the masses of the US to unite as one around the dynamic leadership style of dear Leader KIM JONG IL, against our common hated enemy, the US imperialist dogs of war, who must be crushed, and to ensure that never again does another war rage in beautiful Korea, land of the morning calm, as a result of our nation or its leaders.

Let the Songun Followers Unite as One!!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup

Are you kidding? Fuck the DPRK 16.Apr.2004 18:28


Have you ever been to northern China or seen any of the NK defectors? Fuck you, you're dancing on the unmarked graves of three generations of their family.

Ignorant as well as dumb... 16.Apr.2004 22:40


JP says:

"It should be remembered, that Comrade KIM IL SUNG, the father of Juche, and a Brilliant Communist Guerrilla leader of genius, was the head of the Korean Resistance, when it sent the US imperialism to its first every military defeat."

Read your history man, don't believe all that crap out of DPRK. Kim Il Sung's army was being routed until the Chinese came in and it was only the threat of atomic warfare on the part of the Soviet's that the US agreed to a truce. The US was never militarily defeated in Korea.

First: the UK kicked 'our' ass when we tried to grab Canada in the War of 1812. Shit they even came and burnt Washington D.C.

Second: your sorry white ass forgets all the time that indeginous peoples battled the the US army to a standstill. Look at Leshi of the Pulluylip, Geranimo, or Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. Hell an "Oregonian", Kintipush, aka "Captain Jack" of the Modocs, held the US militry off for over a year and personally killed the only US General ever killed in war, Canby (who the town is named after).

Oh yeah, the Seminoles also fought for 30 years, often attacking slave plantations in Georga, Florida and Alabama to liberate the slaves. Part of the Seminole nation left for Oklahoma on their own terms, and then left Oklahoma for Mexico, cutting through slave terriotry of Texas liberating slaves along the way. Thus "Black Seminoles."

This was against literal genocide, not just imperialism. That these nations survived was because they defeated or kept to a draw, the US military.

Third: What about the USSR Red army when the US army (as well as 7 others) invaded to defeat the Bolsheviks? US armies were in the Archangel region north of Moscow and in the Siberian Far East (where Kim Jong Il was born!) around Kharbarosk.

Fourth: The rebellion of Aginaldo in the Phillpines (1900-1903) was militarily successful, and was only defeated when Aguinaldo and his staff were captured.

Fifth: How about the Great Strike of 1877 when workers in this country rebelled against corporations and often defeated state militias (now national guard) and regular army in pitched battles throughout the mid-west and mid-atlantic regions. The workers won their strike(s).

Sorry kid, you don't know your history. You need to read up. And wise up.

The DPRK needs to do just one thing to get US solidarity 20.Apr.2004 10:09


Dear SPSG comrades,

to combat misinformation and build pro-DPRK solidarity,
the DPRK government needs to do just one simple thing:


That's all. Nothing else.

When Amnesty International and the United Nations have verified the situation in North Korea and confirmed there are no human rights violations in the DPRK, you will get my full solidarity.

But in the meantime I must assume that all the reports on horrible human rights violations are factual.

So why should I support a government, where hundred thousands of North Korean people live in inhuman conditions and experience torture, starvation, humiliation and death, while Kim Jong Il enjoys a luxury life?

Why does the DPRK not improve the human rights situation?

You are asking for solidarity and do not have the slightest idea about what you are asking solidarity for. Or why are you unable to answer my comment?

Humanity and freedom to dissent is real greatness. This is what the DPRK needs.

Korea will be free, when the prison gates in Haengyong and Yodok camps are open. Enough people have suffered and died there.

Read this illustrated first-hand testimony by Lee Sun Ok (as just one example):

Overview on North Korean prison camps:

Google for North Korea and Human Rights to learn more.

Do you think all this is fabricated?

If there would be no such prison camps at the described areas in North Korea, why does the DPRK leadership not invite Amnesty International or the UN Human Rights Commission to check this and prove these reports false?

Do you not feel ashamed for copying this ridiculous propaganda, knowing about the horrible reality in the prison camps?