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Kucinich Walking Door to Door in Sunnyside today!

Oregon for Kucinich


For Immediate Release, April 16, 2004
Contact Barry Marks
Oregon for Kucinich 2004

(503) 292-3253


National contact: Matt Harris (o) 216.889.2004, 216.403.3980,
 press@kucinich.us; Nate Wilkes 602.221.6598
Kucinich to Walk Door to Door: Campaign the Old-Fashioned Way on Saturday

Portland, April 17-Today at 2:00 p.m. Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis
J. Kucinich will be walking door to door in the Sunnyside Neighborhood of Southeast
Portland to seek votes in the May 18 primary.

Kucinich stated "I've walked door to door in every race I've been in from my first
City Council seat, to Mayor of Cleveland, to the U.S. Congress. To me this is the
best way to honor and respect the individual voter. It's old-fashioned
people-to-people politics and the best way to reach voters. It's a novelty in a
presidential campaign, but this is no ordinary campaign. My walking today is also to
set an example for my supporters that this is the most important thing they can do
for our campaign."

Kucinich and local volunteers will begin from his campaign office at 3931 SE
Hawthorne Ave and walk through portions of precinct 4106, which is bounded by SE
Stark on the north, SE Hawthorne on the south and by SE 33rd and SE 49th.

The Kucinich campaign acknowledges that the selection of the Democratic nominee is a
foregone conclusion, but seeks votes to change the Democratic platform. Kucinich
stated "People ask me why I continue to run for president when the nomination's
already been decided. Someone has to be offering alternatives to keep from having
our troops in Iraq indefinitely. Someone has to say that the Democratic Party must
offer a course of action which will enable America to connect with the world
community, stop the waste of our precious tax resources, stabilize Iraq, and bring
our troops home. Someone has to be the voice for universal, single-payer,
not-for-profit health care so universally supported, and so desperately needed."

"Someone has to say that NAFTA and the WTO must be replaced by trade structures
which enshrine ethical principles of workers rights, human rights, and environmental
protection. Someone has to say the PATRIOT Act must go."

Congressman Kucinich is competing on a platform that includes single-payer universal
healthcare, jobs creation, fair trade, reduced Pentagon spending, opposition to the
"Patriot Act" and an exit strategy from our occupation of Iraq. He is co-chair of
the Progressive Caucus of House Democrats and former Mayor of Cleveland.

To volunteer or obtain more information, go to the local Kucinich campaign website
www.kucinich-oregon.us. The campaign office telephone is 503-232-8201. For national
information go to www.kucinich.us. To connect with local supporters, go to