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Success @ Tre Arrow's Bail Hearing

An emotional line of roughly ten of Tre Arrow's friends and supporters were present at his bail hearing today. Lawyer Tim Russel presented evidence for bail including over 60 letters received from Tre's family, friends and supporters from across North America. All letters specifically refering to Tre as a kind, non-violent and loving person.
Crown prosecution presented a wanted print out from the FBI's website it seemed in an attempt to implicate Tre as a fugitive of the United States, providing possible reason for bail not to be set and Tre to remain in custody. Tre's lawyer Tim Russel was quick to point that the FBI's allegations were simply that and held no evidence of guilt in any way. He brought the court's attention to the relatively petty nature of the charges brought against him (shop lifting & providing a false name) and focused on Tre's non-violent character and clean Canadian record. In light of this the judge set bail at $2500 Canadian Funds. Tre's release seems now contingent upon an immigration hearing set possibly for Monday.

Tre's supporters errupted in tears of joy at this news and remain hopeful they will be reunited with Tre in the days to come.
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