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Tre: Bail set at $2500, but not out in the woods yet

Thanks to Stu Sugarman and Myna for this information.
Apparently, bail was set at $2500 for the criminal charges leveled against Tre in Canada. However, he is not yet free. There will be another hearing on Monday to determine bail on the immigration charges.

Let's continue to hold him in the light.
Of course I meant, "Out OF the woods...." 15.Apr.2004 19:53


I just realized what that sounded like.

tre and the woods 15.Apr.2004 20:01

friend of the legal defense fund

of course, all of us hope that someday all this will be behind Tre and he will be able to enjoy the woods that he loves so much again.

thats all 15.Apr.2004 20:53


2500 bail. thats all? something sounds weird here. that is remarkably little money. you usually only have to pay 10% of the bail which would be $250.
is he going to get bailed out or what?

no thats not "all" 15.Apr.2004 21:06


He has yet another bail hearing (dont really understand the Canadian system, but there it is), and doubtless the amount will grow, I only spoke to him for a nano-second this evening, but my understanding is that he need to pay several thousand (not $250)to get out, if the final hearing goes well. We need this good community to come together and come up with bail for this brother who has given so many years of his life to preserving and sustaining Earth Mother. We need brother Tre out.

If you can help with bail please contact his attorney, Tim Russell

of course it SHOULD be 'not out IN the woods, yet' 15.Apr.2004 21:16



i was just getting ready to write that the title "bail set at $2500, but not out IN the woods yet" was one of the best turns of phrase i have seen on pdximc!

think of its perfection...

by the time i opened the page to write, it had been changed on the front page...

re "that's all?" 15.Apr.2004 21:22


i think the $2500 bail is on the underlying shoplifting or resisting arrest charges. hence the posting says that there is another hearing on immigration charges.

i don't think that the canadian court system has anything to do with his american charges. for them, he is a) an accused shoplifter ($2500 bail) and b) in canada without the proper credentials (bail to determined soon).

it is only in america, or in the minds of the mainstream media and the fuzz, that he is an accused 'eco-terrorist(TM)'.

thousands, not hundreds 15.Apr.2004 21:26


there is yet another hearing related to bail being granted. My understanding is that $2500+ is the amount Tre will neddd to produce to get out, much remains to be seen. Please continue to hold him in the light, and to contribute to his defense fund as you are able

Your obsession is obscene. 15.Apr.2004 21:35

a girl who's never gotten as much publicity as this guy for

Scenesters with heroes suck ass. I'm so sick of hearing about this guy and his Kurt Cobain-ish popularity. GOD! What's with the indymedia fixation? You guys are inundating the newswire with this guy! Is it because he's a hottie or what? It seems endemic to forest movements to worship the dramas of the good looking men.... seriously, anybody else notice this in your circles?

I liked back IN the woods 15.Apr.2004 21:36


we need brother Tre IN the woods, that boy has done more for the movement in the past decade years than most of us will do in a lifetime

on the bail issue 15.Apr.2004 21:56


The bail is set at $2,500. A bail bond premium is 10% (which like said, is $250.00) but you have to put up $2,500 in collateral first. Even if bail is posted, Tre cannot be released until the Immigation hearing is settled.
Postive thoughts and wishes to Tre on the Immigration portion of this whole thing!

in vs. out of the woods 15.Apr.2004 22:24

pdx indy editor

first, the title of this post has not been changed. indy editors don't touch the work of posters unless it's absolutely dire. all that was changed was the headline of the feature article, because it seemed like the original author would prefer that. secondly, i'm all for changing the feature headline back (to reflect the "mistake") if the original author thinks that's cool.

re "obsession" 15.Apr.2004 22:37

a portland IMC editor person

A commenter above writes: "You guys are inundating the newswire with this guy!"

Jesus! When the fuck are people going to realize that "indymedia" doesn't "inundate" the newsire. The people who do that, or don't do that, are the people who post. These posters are anyone/everyone in the community, the vast majority of whom are NOT AT ALL organizationally involved with Indymedia.

As for the center column features, what goes there is original reporting, usually local, regardless of the topic (unless it's b.s. fascist shit, of course). There has been a lot of Tre posts to the newswire, and not all of them have been featured, which actually flies in the face of how the center column usually works. In other words, the Portland IMC editors have actually been taking a light touch with the Tre stories by NOT featuring them all, even though they fall under featurizing standards.

Anyway, all that's beside the point. Tre's story is an important one, and Portland is the closest he has to a "home" IMC. It's not just about him, it's about "eco-terrorism", the police state, and international relations. Tre is the latest in a long string of activists unfairly harrassed by the state, and one of the ways to protest this harrsasment is by being loud in our protests about it. The corporate press ain't protestin' shit when it comes to Tre, and in so doing are contributing to the downward spiral of this country, our culture, and what's left of our rights. By being a venue for members of the community to share news about Tre, often directly from his lips, Indymedia is invaluable, and these stories are vital and essential and, honestly, legitimately revolutionary.

Is Tre perfect? No, none of us are. Is he going to get flailed by the U.S. government, completely unfairly, if they manage to get him out of Canada? Almost undoubtedly. Are your complaints about "hero" stuff going to save any of us when they come after us next? No. Will they help build a culture of resistance that can effectively defend people from becoming the next Tre? No. Could they actually be harmful in that sense? Absolutely.

Be careful who you take aim at. If the same standards were applied to you, would you be under the gun, too? Most people who become well-known become much disliked by at least some people. It's because fame is artificial and shouldn't exist in the first place. I wish we didn't have it. But we do, and we can't let its faults prevent us from defending someone in need.

keep in there! 16.Apr.2004 03:21

jesse vanajr04@yahoo.com

why support a man who helps to make his environmental movement become known as an eco-terrorist organization? By alienating the sierra club and others from people people like tre are actually hurting the environment in the long run.

He committed acts of vandalism and should take responsibility for what he did. So before you waste your money on a fundraiser for his bail why don't you ponder the idea of him taking a little responsibility and having enough dignity to refuse such support.

I love the woods too and i don't have to ruin other people's lives and places of work to make that known to willamette week or others. So why should he be let off on bail at all? Would i draw the same support if i destroyed some property and was on the run in Budapest and then captured? This yahoo should go and crawl in the same hole with binladen and saddam because he managed to get himself on the fbi's shit list! thats pretty hard to do!

i just wonder if the people who write in here to support him, the first couple i read, just thought at all about the seriousness of what he did and how his cause doesn't change the acts he did. Or glorify them , you know.

On Being in the Woods 16.Apr.2004 06:54


Thanks Dave and !!. Yeh, yeh, I actually meant to be punny when I wrote that, imagining him back where he belongs once this is all over with. But after I posted it, I feared it might be interpreted by Canadian authorities that we expect him to...jump bail or something. Probably I was being overly cautious, but these are weird times.

I also want to comment on the post accusing pdx of having an "obsession" with Tre. Alas, "girl who's never gotten publicity," if that's what you're after I'm sure there are easier ways to get it. If you've been paying attention, then you realize Tre is being persecuted by the state and faces the rest of his life in prison. He is a comrade who deserves our support. If the state tries to kill you (as it did Tre), and then puts you in jail for an act you may or may not have committed in defense of the planet, then I'm certain you will welcome a lot of community support as well.

This is not hero worship, this is solidarity. This is what community, compassion, and love are all about. Even if you've never met Tre, or Peltier, or Mumia, or any of the many, many other political prisoners locked up for their beliefs, you must realize the importance of standing up for them. They're facing the grinding wheel of the corporate machine, and we will not let them face it alone. Get used to it. Any time one of ours is harassed, abused, or taken from the streets and thrown behind bars, we will not be silent.

Jesse you are seriously WAC! 16.Apr.2004 08:38


Your comments are way off base and indicate a severe lack of basic understanding of political reality.

First of all, Tre Arrow has not been found guilty of anything and in case you didn't know it, in this country (at least for awhile), you are innocent until proven guilty.

Secondly, the issue is not about Tre Arrow (and I am sure he would tell you that himself), the issue is about supporting people who put their personal liberty on the line in last ditch efforts to defend our vanishing forests.
In that Regard, Tre has sacrificed his personal comfort many times (not to mention his own body) in his efforts to bring attention to what this perverted out of control monster of American capitalism has created.
That doesn't necessarily elevate him to "hero" status, but it surely elevates him above the reformist mainstream organizations that you tout as being the solution despite their dismal failure to protect our environment.

Finally, perhaps your confusion is rooted in your lack of acknowledgement of the seriousness of the "ecopocolypse" that our planet is now undergoing.

While I support "using all the tools in the toolbox" and contribute to reformist endeavors myself, we need to acknowledge our successes as well as our failures! But when people like you criticize forest defenders based on "tactics" and your "high and mighty" skewed understanding of what constitutes morality, it is you who are doing a disservice to the environment.

While I applaude the great work of many of the mainstream environmental groups, I can at least (unlike them) acknowledge they have largely failed to protect our forests, our water, and our wildlife in Oregon.
It is people like Tre who pick up where these groups left off who make it possible to elevate our level of resistance.

If your personal "ethics" prevent you from meeting the sacrifice and risk that others are willing to endure, fine! Shut up about it and return your reformist pursuit.

We don't need to hear preaching about the acceptable rules of dissent from people who have failed to do what they claim is their prime directive.

this is why we support brother tre 16.Apr.2004 09:20


500 acres in the mounthood wilderness
focusing attention hundrads more on the coast
refusing to give up or give in
despite half a decade of harssment and attempts on his life
this is why we stand in solidarity:
these trees and tre's tenacity

To "girl"--I don't think he's 16.Apr.2004 12:02


a "hottie" and that's not why I would support him. How shallow do you think activists are? Does that statement reflect your values? I support those who do their best to protect the environment.

To "girl" 16.Apr.2004 13:29

another girl

While I think you may be going overboard, you make a good point--why do "the men" get such attention when persecuted, why do people say free Free, free Mumia, free peltier when just as many women are involved in land liberation PLUS have to deal with often sexist dynamics. I remember being involved with a forest activist group and the men were so ADAMANT that they were focusing on saving the forest and COULDN'T be bothered with piddly complaints like microaggressions of sexism. Hmmm.

AND PS: I was arrested for shoplifting actually too and at the time I had been a really dedicated forest activist for two years. When I asked for support (people to come to court, etc) people told me--no shit-- THAT JUST BECAUSE I WAS A FOREST ACTIVIST, that DOES NOT give me the right to be unaccountable for my shoplifting. Maybe if I had been a man that would have been different. I was put in my place...did a FUCK of a lot of BS highway ditch trash pickup wit a bunch of men that committed worse offenses...when I bitched, my friends told me not to get caught shoplifting......why is this guy being glorfied for past actions when his charge is for shoplifting.

I didn't get to wave my activist credentials so I could "prove" that I didn't deserve shoplifting punishment. We are ALL doing good work in the community, but why do people come to the defense of men yet ignore the women?

We must defend our POW's 16.Apr.2004 14:33


And that's why Tre's case gets so much attention. It could be YOU next-the way the regime operates now,and with the foul deeds Ashcroft has cooking, we must be utterly clear and speak with one voice that an attack on any activist will be treated as an attack on all activists. Those who are complaining about how much attention Tre gets shoudl consider one thing, namely this: What do you want movement people to do if the FBI thugs come for you-decide you've had enough attention after teh FOX news story about your arrest, or try and do something about it?

This is not a game, this is a war against those whose inmsatiable greed threatens all of Earth with conquest and utter desolation. We may have one and only one chance to stop this, as some of the things they are doing to Earth will take milennia to reverse. Similarily, if Bush manages to "win" his war i Iraq, he will start another, and then another untill all the world is under the dominion of corporate capitalism. This is like fighting Hitler-we must put aside other matters and deal with the greatest hazard first.

The FBI is the enemy, corporations are the enemy, Bush is the enemy-other activsts are not, and we must stick together in this hour of peril.

Tre was shoplifting boltcutters-- 16.Apr.2004 15:15

yet another girl

now, I don't know what he was going to do with them--cut some bolts, I guess...but clearly he was a committed activist. If he just sat out in the forest every now and again, and then got caught shoplifting some string cheese (which he wouldn't, because he is vegan), that would be different. I don't know if you (girl) not being supported was due to the scenario I described above. He, also, obviously had limited income potential, being on the run from the authorities, so shoplifting is infinitely more understandable in that situation. Dumb, yes, I'll give you that. I'm a female and a feminist, and I do believe saving the environment and the animals who completely rely on it, is more critical than our human concerns of oppression (be it sexism, racism, or anything else). Which doesn't mean plenty of guys aren't jerks. But we can start our own groups, and we ain't gonna be talking about sex harrassment if the air is so bad we can't breathe. And the animals have no choice at all.

huh? 16.Apr.2004 15:28


It's really bizzarre that people are talking about shoplifting here. Uh, that's not really the issue. The FBI wasn't after this dude because he was a seriel shoplifter. Besides, sounds like he steals things like food and bolt-cutters. Pretty useful stuff for folks livin' that life. Shoplifting is not the point.

Sexism is allmost allways the point, but I would venture to say (eek) that any of us that get threatened with decades in prison deserve support for our imperfect selves. Who knows, I'm a dude and thus no authority on the subject. But the shoplifting thing is a super non-issue, ok?

canada's system 16.Apr.2004 16:04

cr from canada

Hello to American family in U.S.
The Canadian system works much like the U.S. Although the brutal charges against Tre in the U.S. would not be an issue for the law here, The shoplifting thing, well,truthfully, it's not the best thing to have gotten caught doing. Although many well meaning forest activists may feel that Tre was doing what he does in the large scope of things, he committed a crime in Canada. Tre does not have the history here that he's had with you, sadly, for him. The next, and probably the bigger issue coming up for Tre is the Immigration issue. One cannot enter or stay in this country without the proper documents and situations in place. It is more important, as many of you have said that Tre supporters keep him "in the light" during THIS time. Again, there are these two issues. He is considered by the authorities here in Canada as having two offenses. One, shoplifting, Two, illegal entry (maybe), but definetly illegal residence.
For the Tre supporters, let's collectively wish him well. Also, know that he does have love & support here in Canada.
Regarding all this stuff about him and who he is, what he is, and whether or not he's a "hottie"... he needs all the help he can get right now, that includes those swimming in the shallow end, those swimming in the deep end, and those in denial about either end. Peace.

thanks so much , cr 16.Apr.2004 17:55


the inside perspective on the Canadian system is very much appreciated!
We will be holding Tre in the Light through the weekend, and especially Monday.

about Monday 16.Apr.2004 18:32


Griffin and all: It is my understanding that Tre will not have a hearing on Monday. There will not be an immigration hearing until he has the bail amount of $2,500 posted here in BC. For those of you with any $ to contribute, please do whatever you can. Tre has done alot of karmic work in his time. Keep the spirits up, and stay united. I may go over to jail on Monday- and I'll update.