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9.11 investigation

Yet another presidential email...

These are not made up... These are actual emails to the prez of the united states... Don't ask and I wont tell.
This one is about possible actual evidence of WMD's in Iraq...
Makes me wonder now...
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Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 01:23:48 -0400
From *******. rasulo@us.army.mil
Subject WMD Info
To  george.walker.bush@us.army.mil
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Mr President, I know this is probably not the way to do this, however, I found this email address through my AKO account and decided that it was worth a try. I am a staff sergeant in the 310th MP Bn, Army Reserve from Uniondale NY. I was deployed to Iraq last Easter Sunday, April 22nd. While in Iraq, I was NCOIC of the day shift, 0600 to 1400 hours, at the Ad Diwaniyah Prison, Ad Diwaniyah Iraq. While there, we had a prisoner, I don't recall his name, however this prisoner was the mayor of An Najaf and was arrested for corruption and other crimes. While he was a prisoner in our facility, I had an opportunity to make small talk with him one day in June or July 2003. He had mentioned to me that "everyone knows and I know for a fact that Saddam had dumped thousands of barrels of chemical weapons into the rivers and buried thousands in the desert, before the arrival of the Americans". I asked if he would furnish this information to MI if asked and he indicated he would. I
informed the USMC HET team who worked our prison and also the Army MI group there. No one would even talk to this man or check it out. The only information I can recall about the Iraqi mayor of An Najaf is that he is about 50 years old, spoke English very well and had a prosthetic leg. He was removed from the Ad Diwaniyah Prison some time in July, I believe and transported to Baghdad for possible trial or incarceration. I also informed my chain of command about this information and they chose to do nothing as well. The mayor also advised me that he was a former Lt Col in the Iraqi Army, Field Artillery, during the Iran/Iraq war and he had lost his leg there. He stated that he had aided the American coalition during Desert Storm and had provided information to the CIA in the past.
Mr President, I don't know if this information given to me by the mayor of An Najaf is true, however, I feel that someone should at least check into it if at all possible. My name is SSG Joseph F. Rasulo, Jr, ###-##-#### and I am currently stationed at Fort Dix NJ with C Co, 1079th ISB, on medical hold for aggravation of neck injuries which happened in Iraq. I am due to be discharged very shortly. I can be contacted at the Ft Dix EOC, midnight shift (2400 to 0800 hours) at Commercial 609-562-#### or by cell phone 845-661-####. If I am wrong by sending this message directly to you, I sincerely apologize but I feel I would be wrong if you and the American people didn't get this information at all and we did nothing about it. I thank you for your time.

Very Respectfully Submitted,
SSG Joseph Rasulo, Jr.

phone: phone: 1-877-223-1743

November surprise 15.Apr.2004 16:47


Something will happen before the election. You know it will. It might be the "discovery" of the fabled weapons of mass destruction. Or the apprehension of bin Laden. This will happen even if they have to fake it. It will happen. And enough sucker voters will use it to vote bush.

Kerry is all wrong for America. 19.May.2004 05:35

Bill Clinton

Kerry will turn his back on America like he did in Vietnam. Wake Up.

Email stealing 07.Nov.2004 10:56


I think it is wrong to steal someones email and post it without permission.

So how exactly did you get this e-mail? 07.Nov.2004 18:22

Army Staffer

So how exactly did you come by this e-mail?

The poster of this message has posted a message to the Army Knowledge Online bulletin board stating that he did not give permission for you or anyone else to post his e-mail, since he thought it was actually going to the President and him alone.

For your sake, you had better have a good alibi, since by the time tomorrow morning rolls around (it is about 2130 EST now), there will be at least 3000-4000 enlisted, NCOs, and officers who will be reading that post and then coming to this page, since SSG Rasulo was kind enough to post a link to it.

There is a fine line between freedom of the press and violation of an individual's rights to privacy and you, sir, have crossed it.