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Rummy's word of the day

Rummy's word of the day is "Fungible". Means something that is exchangeable or substitutable. He thinks that about us, we the people.
Back in '74, mr rumsfeld penned a little piece called "Rumsfeld's Rules". It's an interesting read -- interesting to see how well he follows his own rules. In this paper is a statement that, "Intellectual Capital is the least fungible kind." Hmm, so he likes intellectuals?

In an interview with Al Jazeera, he says, "Money is fungible and oil is fungible." Now this makes sense. The statement was used to clarify a position. He had some lovely words about Al Jazeera today, for telling the truth. Mr. Rummsfeld, I'd like to refer you to your '74 document where you talked about truth and being seen above suspicion...

I heard him say today in the pentagon briefing on C-SPAN, he said that, "people are fungible". What the hell does that mean? We can replace anyone with any another? That all men are created equal? Or that if one falls in battle, we'll just send in another?

I think he is fungible.
;-D 16.Apr.2004 04:58

Tony Blair's dog

I concur.