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Guns, Drugs and Roses: Supplying the Haiti Contras

the ATF has said that 25 percent of the gun-smuggling cases handled by its Miami office during the past three years have involved firearms destined for Haiti.
A recent article suggests that trans-shipment of guns and drugs through Jamaica has become a serious problem affecting New York, Haiti, and Portland, Oregon. The time frame of the incidents might indicate that guns were smuggled to Haiti for the purpose of overthrowing the legally elected government of Jean Bertrand Aristide. Others may have been shipped to drug dealers in Portland, Oregon.
Several other sources, briefly noted in this article outline the events that indicate the scope of the problem. In January of this year, officials from New York City and Jamaica met to discuss the problem of drug and gun smuggling.
According the CaribNews
Mayor Bloomberg said, "Sadly, the world is becoming internationalized not just in commerce but in crime as well." Bloomberg added that New York City and Kingston both had the problem of many illegal guns on the street. He said that for a long time, New York City had had a policy of placing its personnel in other countries to improve communication and security and that similar exercise could be taken in Jamaica.
In the same article, Police Commissioner Francis Forbes of Jamaican disclosed that a team from Jamaica would be visiting Miami shortly to establish a liaison office there, which would solidify links with police services in the United States. Jamaica's National Security Secretary Gilbert Scott said that while the Jamaican police had a primary interest in the transportation of illegal drugs to the island, the New York police were concerned about the smuggling of drugs into their country.

Preliminary research indicates that the guns shipped to Jamaica do not stay there. The quantities are simply too large, and the number of incidents too numerous. This article from Haiti-Info reveals what may be only the tip of the iceberg.

Haitian gun smugglers have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Elaborate family networks of Haitian immigrants employ brothers and cousins as fronts to buy pistols and long guns in small increments to avoid sending up red flags on ATF paperwork. Agents become suspicious when they spot a single individual making large or repeated purchases at a particular gun shop.
"The movement of guns from South Florida to Haiti has been going on for a long time, and these cases are almost always linked to unrest in Haiti," said Daniel McBride, who heads technical services for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. McBride was in charge of the Miami office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms office during the 1990s, when dozens of Haitian gunrunners were prosecuted.

Why don't these prosecutions continue under the administration of George W. Bush?

The modus operandi of the gun runners is frighteningly similar to that of the terrorists who have been trying to restore despotism to Haiti since the fall of the Duvalier regime. As Tori Fletcher reports:
The thing is that the politicians who publicly call for peace, are in private the organisers of the drug smuggling and gun laundering. Everyone knows it, but can't end the corruption as they'll be the next victim.
One religious figure who criticized a gun leader in a church sermon was shot in her head at point blank range the next morning. Gun men who do get caught often get off because there are no witnesses brave enough to give evidence against them in court. Even two people under Witness Protection by the police were mysteriously murdered before they managed to give evidence against a notorious Don. So the violence continues, leaving under-funded police to try and control it.
Two days after being in Trenchtown, 5 of the policemen I had been with had their jeep ambushed and were shot dead by the local Don man. It's a situation which is going to get a lot worse.
The mainstream media has completely ignored two questions that can no longer be ignored:

(1)Were the Haiti rebels armed by with guns shipped via Jamaica?

(2)Is the increasing traffic in guns and drugs on the west coast a result of the problem in Jamaica?

David Roknich


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global race to the bottom. guns, crack, heroin, methamphetamines = money (for some) = suffering & genocide (for others). no accident - by design.