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Dear IRS ...

Why there is no check with my tax return this year.
Xxxxx X. Xxxxx
XXX SW Xxxx Ave., Apt. XX
Portland, OR 972XX
15 April 2004

Internal Revenue Service Center
Fresno, CA 93888-0002

To Whom It May Concern:

How exactly shall I start this? I might as well come right
out and state it: I intend to resist any attempt by the Federal
government to collect tax money from me. To that end, no check
is being included with my tax return this year.

This is a course of action I have been aware of for many
years, yet until now one I have refrained from taking in favor of
restricting myself to more lawful means. The events of the past
several years compel me to change my long-held stance.

It is more than just a lying, cheating executive branch that
led the nation into an illegal war of aggression. It is a
populace that is, by and large, either passively acquiescent to
or actively supportive of such an outrage. It is clear to me
that in present-day America, much as in the Germany of the early
1930's, there has been nothing less than a large-scale
abandonment of the values of decency that make even a nominally
humane society possible.

While some specifics of the situation (particularly the
level of domestic political freedom; were I to write this in the
Germany of seventy years ago I would be signing my own death
warrant) differ at present, the parallels between the two are
clear enough to me. Much as Hitler's self-professed preemptive
war against Poland in the name of national security ended up
creating a devastated and ruined Germany, I cannot help but
seeing our nation's current misguided foreign policy breeding
anything but further hardship at home (not to mention abroad).

In the face of the abandonment of values mentioned above, it
falls to those of us who maintain those values to use whatever
means we feel necessary -- legal and otherwise -- to frustrate
the operation of the machinery of death, destruction, and
inhumanity that are now in motion.

Maybe such efforts will spark increased resistance to the
machine at home. If not here then perhaps in the rest of the
world, which has also been largely acquiescent and passive
despite lots of talk. Maybe news of them will serve to undermine
the rising tide of blind hatred of all Americans (hatred, I may
add, which is exploited by terrorist groups to recruit new
members) by underscoring the difference between a government and
the people who live under it.

Maybe it's a doomed effort. Even then, I'll go to my demise
being able to live with my own personal conscience. That's
always meant more to me than the approval of others or of society
at large.

This decision will doubtless complicate my life, perhaps a
little, perhaps a lot. Who knows. But that's just to be
expected: in a complicated world, the desire to avoid
complications is nothing but the desire for a fool's paradise.


Xxxxx X. Xxxxx

address: address: Portland, OR

Give 'em hell, David! ---- - ---- ---- 15.Apr.2004 20:02

15-year tax resister

Perhaps the strongest action you can take is controlling your dollar vote.
Money does have influence, financially empowering those you send your $ to and disempowering those whose funds are cut off.

The power of the IRS is overrated. It can take years before any action is done.
Threatening letters with little bite is the first tactic from IRS.
A levy on wages (if any) is the next step years if not decades later.
Seizing of property may come after that. The IRS is very slow in pursuing tax resisters as they are a major problem to the "agency": the amount collected is usually not worth the effort & time in trying to get it.

more hell (continued) & the billionaires privilege 15.Apr.2004 20:41

tax resister, again

Sentencing for true tax resisters (not tax evaders) is extremely rare. If it ever comes to that, the "tax-payer" is given the choice to finally pay up, or be prosecuted.

The $1,000,000,000 club.
Billionaires are on another level.
David Cay Johnston, author of the best-selling book, "Perfectly Legal: The Covert Campaign to Rig Our Tax System to Benefit the Super Rich - and Cheat Everybody Else" came into Portland last February and stated that there are billionaires that he is personally aware of that have paid no federal taxes for years.
The staff at the Internal Revenue Service seems to have a hands-off policy for the very rich (may be due to their unlimited supply of lawyers and access to anything) and the conscientious tax resisters, who are a P.R. problem with relatively very little money.