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Say it with me: "No, I won't call the police."

As a teenager flees from "justice," be happy for him. If you see him, leave your cell phone in your pocket. I don't know what he was accused of, but I'm sure it's not worth shooting him over.

This morning, a friend called to tell me of something he saw on the corporate media. He's not usually in the habit of sharing this stuff with me, but he thought I would like to hear about the "teenage fugitive." He went on to describe a story that made me smile. A picture of a teenager apparently flashed across the screen while the reporter explained that, although handcuffed and in leg irons, the teen managed to break away from the flailing arms of the law, dart across the street, and leap into a waiting car that then sped away. Man, that IS a story.

Anyway, the reporter went on to describe the car, and then to urge the audience to call the police if they should spot either the car or the teen. My friend laughed at that part too. [ read more... ]

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