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Reasons I'm not paying my taxes

  • There's better organizations to pay my share, and who are struggling to survive ... partially due to "inescapable" budget cuts: Harry's Mother, JOIN, TPI (Transition Projects Inc.), etc...
  • We should stop feeding the monster. They're just using our money to train Nazi's to shoot us with "non-lethal" weapons and to build prisons to hold us while we sew lingerie for Victoria's Secret.
  • No one asked me if I wanted to pay for this corrupt piece-o-shit government.
  • There's no guarantee they won't just go to more corporate welfare like OHSU's $200 million+ handout via the "Oregon Opportunity Plan." That money was Tobacco Settlement money, loaded into the General Fund, and slipped straight into the pockets of OHSU by state legislators who should be in jail for looting.
  • I'm waiting for Enron to pay theirs.
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