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What resistance to Iraq draft would look like

Below is a blueprint for aggressive resistance when Bush tries to bring back the draft in teh fact of a military defeat in Iraq. It is based on tactics learned in the environmental and animal liberation struggles, plus "getting out" tactics not used in those issues. Of course, we speak here of drafting youth in general, not the end-of-tour soldiers he is already drafting.

The draft still requires local boards to be staffed to 'select' youths for enslaved service. That is its weak point. We will assume that activists who join the boards are soon ferreted out based on unwillingness to call people for real-but not before getting key information like addresses of other board members and suppliers. The leaves behind a group of excellent targets.

The actions of SHAC provide a model for closign down a draft board. A new group forms, we will call it Stop sLavery and Murder(SLAM) for the purpose of this article. It applies SHAC style home demos and disruption as well as office disruption to draft boards and their members. [ read more... ]