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forest defense

Wyden wants us to forget!

The new motto for the Sierra Club and other mainstream environmental groups...
You scratch Wyden's back, Wyden will scratch your back!

More business as usual from people who should know better.
Last night, Ron Wyden held a public forum at PSU to introduce his proposal to designate Mt. Hood as "a protected wilderness area".

This public forum was supposed to be about the "people's comments", but ended up being nothing more than a campaign stop of mainstream environmental groups thanking Wyden for being such a protector of Oregon's lands. Each speaker had only two minutes and nobody had time for anything except to praise Wyden for throwing a crumb while forgetting about the whole cookie.

It was sickening.
One after another, each speaker thanked and praised Wyden while attempting to get recognition for their own wilderness area.

Is this the same Ron Wyden that I know?
Apparently not, because the Ron Wyden I know (and will not forget) is the Ron Wyden who was instrumental in passing Bush's "Healthy forest initiative".

The Ron Wyden I know gets more money from the timber industry than any other elected official in the country with the exception of George W. Bush.

The Ron Wyden I know is not a friend to Oregon's forests and yet one after another, the liberals and suckups from the mainstream environmental groups kissed his ass as he smiled like a Cheshire cat reaping the benefits of yet another "reformist" compromise with the devil.

The designation of Mt. Hood as a national wilderness area is a great thing whose importance is of such magnitude, that it should not be diminished in any way. Wyden should be congratulated for his "proposal", but nobody should pretend that it is anything but a proposal and that it has a very long way to go before becoming a reality.
But more importantly, if the mainstream environmental groups are going to sell out to this bastard who betrayed them in the worst way, what little hope we had for real change is lost.
Ron Wyden=Bush Lite 15.Apr.2004 11:46

Coastal Lone Wolf

Not only does Ron Wyden try to doctor up his resume in an election year but he also sold out our seniors with his vote on the Bush Medicare Bill last year. The shameful bill that was passed with graft and corruption from the Republican party and drug companies. Now Ron is trying to make amends with sponsoring the drug reimportation bill this year. Sure cheap drugs for seniors sounds nice but does nothing to fix the damage to Medicare with Bush's privitization of Medicare accounts. Have read what the "drug cards" will do? You can sign up only once for one card and they can change the benefits and drugs covered while you have the card. The promised savings could really be nothing. By the time that the Republicans get done with Medicare it will be a catastrophic plan only. It is amazing what living inside the beltway will do to a person from a small state. Wyden was the director of the Gray Panthers once upon a time. Now he is a toothless pussy cat for the Bushites.

Donkey Stamping 15.Apr.2004 12:23

Battered Non-Profit Syndrome

Until the mainstream enviro groups hold the mulepachers (aka GOP Lite) responsible and stop endorsing them each election we all will continue to be held hostage by this bad system. The problem isn't Wyden and the rest of the mulepachers but the enviro groups that kiss their ass inspite of being screwed. The enviro groups would be reactive to their constituents if we rose up. Yet, we don't. Why?

The more Wyden beats them up the more they kiss his ass...battered non-profit syndrome.

Another Intelligencec Failure 15.Apr.2004 12:40


The wyden Mister sits on the senate intelligence commitee.

He did a bang up job.

He helped declare this war on al quda during the clinton administration.

peas in a pod.

He and Hillary are Nazi lites as with Bushy.

Odd they could be friends with osama. Birds of the feather flock together.

I will not forget! 15.Apr.2004 13:48

Forest defender

Mt. Hood wilderness proposal or not, I'll be dammed if I pretend as if this man deserves my respect.
The mainstream environmental groups are more interested in small victories they can tout to their contributors than they are holding timber industry sellouts like Ron Wyden accountable.

I agree with StevetheGreen when he says the "crumb" doesn't make up for the cookie.