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Pet Fair......calling all volunteers!!!!

Peta booth at Pet Fair. Volunteers needed!
Hello everyone, This Saturday and Sunday is the Pet Fair at the Portland Expo and one of their main sponsors is Petco! As you probably already know Petco employees have not been adequately trained to care for the birds and small animals that they sell to the public. Which means that they can't properly train the public on how to take care of their newly purchased companion and also care for them well they are still in the store. Some examples of this is as follows :

- A Parrot was injured by another bird and was bleeding profusely. Employees tried to stop the bleeding by applying Kwik stop to her body, which burned her flesh.

- Rats were found bleeding from their nostrils and writhing in pain. Complainants were told, "There's nothing [the store] can do. We sell pets. We're not an animal hospital."

- A hamster with severe ear infection and blood dripping from her nose was left in a cage with a sign saying, "Dying, just leave her alone."

These are just a few complaints that Peta has recieved from Petco customers around the country. If this bothers you now is your chance to do something about it! Peta is going to have a Petno booth at the pet fair this 17th and 18th. If you are interested please contact Jennifer ASAP! I need your names to put on the list.

phone: phone: 503-969-2969

Fish too! 15.Apr.2004 12:30


Not to mention that all of PETCO's fish are in really bad shape as well. There are too many per tank, and they have none of the normal comforts of plants or rocks to swim through, hide in, etc. Every single tank holds fish that are in some serious distress.

Sorry 16.Apr.2004 10:20


Sorry this got posted twice, my computer is acting up.