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What resistance to Iraq draft would look like

Below is a blueprint for aggressive resistance when Bush tries to bring back the draft in teh fact of a military defeat in Iraq. It is based on tactics learned in the environmental and animal liberation struggles, plus "getting out" tactics not used in those issues. Of course, we speak here of drafting youth in general, not the end-of-tour soldiers he is already drafting.
The draft still requires local boards to be staffed to 'select' youths for enslaved service. That is its weak point. We will assume that activists who join the boards are soon ferreted out based on unwillingness to call people for real-but not before getting key information like addresses of other board members and suppliers. The leaves behind a group of excellent targets.

The actions of SHAC provide a model for closign down a draft board. A new group forms, we will call it Stop sLavery and Murder(SLAM) for the purpose of this article. It applies SHAC style home demos and disruption as well as office disruption to draft boards and their members.

Next comes the kicker: It is reasonable to assume that many people in ALF and ELF know people threatened by the draft, and may consider using their skills on Selective Service. Again a new group forms. I shall call it the youth liberation Front(YLF).

The functional model is as follows: due to the severity of the stakes, they coordinate, with SLAM actions effectively "calling in strikes" from YLF.

Perhaps SLAM picks a particular draft board to shut down, and hackers beseige the board's computers. The techs called in to fix this get their homes and cars vandalized and soon become very hard to find. Board members can't appear anywhere in public, and their addresses are known to all thanks to the former antiwar activist member. Day and night, the harassment never lets up.

Soon, matters escalate with SLAM members invading draft boards and offering drugs to potential draftees so drug tests can be flunked and those with positive tests moved to the back of the line. If "Don't ask, don't tell" survives, gay and straight youth alike make out directly in front of draft board members, with name tags in plain view.

Finally, pllice response escalates and SLAM members run out of room to maneuver, collecting stay-aways orders, etc. At this point, the torch is passed to YLF, who soon destroys the draft board once and for all, just like during Vietnam. This happens a lot more often and with a lot more ease due to the practice YLF activists got in ALF and ELF. In the end, a destroyed Hummer turns out to be one thing, a destroyed draft board quite another.

Well, Bush told us to "bring it on," so here it is!
we all can't wait... 15.Apr.2004 10:33


to 'bring it on' against Bush. Ya Basta!

if they think they're gonna draft me, they're crazy 15.Apr.2004 11:39

billy the mountain

don't forget the digusting but creative things several old hippie rock stars allegedly did to have themselves considered as "not the right stuff" during one of the last big quamires (the quoted title of this post is a hint who one of them allegedly was). maybe they will inspire someone.

remember to gibber incoherently often, and foam at the mouth, and all that good stuff, while presenting no danger to yourself or others. remember, the only ones in the military allowed to be noticeably cuckoo are up there at about the ranks of the generals and the commander-in-chief, not the grunts.

unfit for duty, SIR...

do it like malcolm x 15.Apr.2004 11:54


just tell em the truth, that you are a hippie/commie, and you cant wait till they give you a gun and you can organize all the soldiers into a peoples army. i think malcolm x told em that he couldnt wait to organize black folks in the southern camps, and they told him, no thank you.

I volunteer! 15.Apr.2004 13:32


Not only would I love to sit on the draft board, but I would actually draft people and send them to war! It would be great!

First, the sons of every government official would get called up, then the sons of evry rich industrialist. Then I would draft off a few dozen members of the corporate media and their sons. Then cops and their sons. Then everyone whose parents make over 100K per year.

The war would end in three days, max. Once the powerful and privileged get caught up in this, they would pull their support from the regime. Of course no one member of the draft board would have the kind of power I am talking about here, but if ALL of us activist types try to get in, FLOOD them with applications, enough of us could get in to cause chaos.

Yeah, the powerful would just go to school or fake medical stuff to get out, but thirty years from now when those powerful kids run for president, we will have a bit more dirt on them. It is important to think ahead and damage the scions of power as much as we can before they rise too far.

You can get anything you want... 15.Apr.2004 22:26


... at Alice's Restaurant"

"if two people sing it, in harmony, they'll think they're both faggots and they won't take either of them. And if three, can you imagine, three people, singing about Alice's Restaurant. Well, folks, they'll think it's a movement, and that's what it is, the Alice's Restaurant Masacree Movement..."

(Arlo Guthrie may be a little older and grayer, but he's still right on.)

Well, if that's correct...can you just say that you're gay, and 16.Apr.2004 15:32


show up in a wig and lipstick or something? I thought they didn't want gays in the military. Some gays are fighting really hard to stay in, but why don't you turn it against them in order to stay out?

Oh, The Draft. 16.Apr.2004 20:50

Justice Evans

Yes, its looking more and more as if The Draft will make its return trip from hell sooner than later. Its a shame, its an ugly thing, and its quite possibly a reality.

The saddest part is, though, that perhaps it is something like The Draft that will force the 18-25 year old male set to open their damned eyes and look about them. Maybe, sadly, its The Draft that will make them aware of the world in which they live, one that isn't all The Apprentice, American Idol, and MTV Spring Break.

Is there another way to affect these people? I don't know whether there is. I really don't know. Sometimes it seems that threatening their lives, in an overt way like The Draft, is the only way to garner their attention. What will MTV-CBS-Viacom have to say? Will Fox continue to feed mind-dumbing "reality" on its broadcast channel and patriotic, pro-American, consumerism-is-good, we're-winning-the-war "news" on its cable channel smack dab between CNN and MSNBC?

Is there some way to catch their attention, those bored cell-phone hawking, mall-kiosk working, Playstation2 playing 18-25 year old men? Is there a way that is not The Draft? I hope so, but I'm unsure...

Boy are you all misinformed 28.Apr.2004 12:10

Independent Thinker

I can not believe how misinformed you are on this topic! It is Democrats pushing the draft idea not Bush. Regardless if you hate Bush or not, at least get your facts straight. Don't become Lemmings just because you hate Bush.

their half misinformed 27.May.2004 08:56

Concerned senior in high school

It's not just the democrats who are pushing this idea, its the republicans too. Senetor Clintion and Senetor Graham put agree on the idea that we need to impliment a draft. They are both at opposing ends of the political spectrum and yet they agree on this idea of a draft in this war. So you just can't blame one end w/o blaming the other end of the spectrum. Make sure you all know what your talking about before you cause chaos.

to "independent thinker" 08.Jul.2004 17:14

critical thinker

it is obvious the "independent thinker" is not so independent. here is the truth of the matter: no one disagrees with having a military for the sole purpose of the DEFENSE of this nation. heck, i would be one of the first ones to line up. EVERYONE disagrees with using the bodies of young men AND women to defend CONTRACTORS in another country that we have AGRESSIVELY INVADED. i quite clearly remember the "evidence" that powell had presented to the u.n. was false, the assumption that iraq was buying "yellow cake" to make a nuclear bomb was false, and there were major doubts about the connection to al qaeda; ALL of these accusations were proven to be FALSE BEFORE the INVASION. so why are we there? to PROTECT the CONTRACTORS who continue to loot our tax funds of the billions of dollars that once to existd in the account; and they will remain to have an endless resource as long we still pay taxes.

so what does this have to do with the draft? BOTH the republicans and democrats have bills pending in congress to establish AFTER the election is over. the bill amends the draft to include EVERYONE ages 18-26, this means WOMEN too. you can't hide out in college; they will wait till your semester is over. you can't hide out in canada; they have signed an agreement with the u.s. to send would be draft dodgers back.

what does this have to do with bush? he is the asshole who has made it possible to guarantee the enslavement of every young body in this country IN ORDER TO PROTECT the CONTRACTORS WHO ARE STEALING OUR MONEY EVERYDAY, AND GET BILLIONS, WHILE THE YOUNG PEOPLE GET PENNIES.