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Reasons I'm not paying my taxes

1. I'm waiting for Enron to pay theirs.
2. There's no guarantee they won't just go to more corporate welfare like OHSU's $200 million+ handout via the "Oregon Opportunity Plan." That money was Tobacco Settlement money, loaded into the General Fund, and slipped straight into the pockets of OHSU by state legislators who should be in jail for looting.

3. No one asked me if I wanted to pay for this corrupt piece-o-shit government.

4. We should stop feeding the monster. They're just using our money to train Nazi's to shoot us with "non-lethal" weapons and to build prisons to hold us while we sew lingerie for Victoria's Secret.

5. There's better organizations to pay my share, and who are struggling to survive ... partially due to "inescapable" budget cuts: Harry's Mother, JOIN, TPI (Transition Projects Inc.), etc...

6. The War - against whomever (Afghanistan, Iraq, N. Korea... the war against us) - we're helping pay to kill people.

7. Lots of people don't pay taxes. Big corporations often don't, but regular Joe's sometimes just opt out and don't file at all. Some end up in jail. Some never hear a peep from the bureaucratic monstrosity. Time for more people to help with this smoke test and decide where they want to put their resources instead. See what a million small chips can do to the Fortress.

So, yeah, this like all things may bite me in the ass. If I end up in jail, send cookies please... and make a little mischief on the outside.
Great Idea 15.Apr.2004 09:23


Hey we just hired a librarian in Mutlnomah county that makes $140,000 / year and a school superitendant that makes over $200,000 / year. Don't opt out of the system, we need to pay these people salaries. Don't forget about the Oregon Health Plan either.

Lost innocence 15.Apr.2004 10:23

Satan Claus

I admire your courage but goodluck down the roadless traveled. They killed every president that ever wanted to protect America and truly encourage Democracy.Sadly the American people were too broken and scarred from losing thier beloved ones they couldn't protect themselves from the wolf in sheeps clothing.Innocence was lost and confussion has been beset unpon the masses to continually mislead them down a long dark journey called , head up your ass syndrome. Nevertheless the money powers have always won out over the people of the Great US of A ,and the people keep on letting it happen . So dont ever think you will get a fair trial for not paying your fedral taxes, cause you forfeited that right along time ago thanks to your gullible forefathers.Although I do agree that the Federal tax system was set for a good purpose once it was turned into the same kind of government scam as Social Security,and The Federal Reserve. As it stands you continue to forfeit even more rights as well so you better get used to getting whipped in line because even though dissention is part of Democracy it wont be tolerated by the US government for much longer .The way things are headed America needs to wake up and pull its head out of its ass before its to late.

WE THE PEOPLE !!!! 15.Apr.2004 10:29

a person

 http://www.givemeliberty.org/ TIME TO START PULLING !!!

good to hear 15.Apr.2004 10:42


way to go! More people should do this. The War Tax Resisters League is good group with lots of info for people interested in this. One thing that makes not paying easier is if you don't have lots of big property the gov't can take; the worst punishment given to people is usually just taking their stuff so the gov't can get some money. They've only jailed like 2 people in ten years I think for tax resistence.

Don't pay, but don't go to jail either 15.Apr.2004 11:38

Teddy Ruxpin

Witholding taxes is an eventual ticket to jail, and the state will just sieze your stuff, auction it off and do rotten things with your cash anyway. Then you lose, they wind, yada yada yada.

Give your taxes to charity, write them off as a deduction. Simple, effective and legal. The gov does not get your cash, you don't get in trouble and everyone wins. PLUS you get to choose where your social contribution goes, and you can really help out a local non-profit. This will keep the cash out of the hands of Bush and his corporate welfare recipients.

Unless what you really want to do is be greedy and keep more of your cash. Many people are "witholding taxes in protest" and pretending to be doing it for justice, when all they really are is cheap assholes that do not want to contribute to the society they live in. Most of the people I have met fall into this second category.

Put your money where your mouth is and donate your tax to chairity.

Teddy Ruxpin is a stupid Bear 15.Apr.2004 21:14

veteran tax resister (federal, that is)

Just kidding. Teddy's got some useful points. Although you're very unlikely to head for jail if you're not paying taxes for a stated reason (conscientious).
Property confiscation is also rare for tax resisters. Mean letters from IRS and wage attachments are more common if you fail to comply.
If you are a greedy SOB just keeping the money for yourself, you're in the tax evasion category, and the weight of the IRS bears down heavy, depending on how much money they can collect off you, AND how much of a problem you can be to them.

On C-Span, author of Confessions of an IRS Collector, Richard Yancey reveals that IRS staff are attempting to collect as much money as possible from delinquent tax payers than using strong-arm tactics. Didn't mention very much on the fact that you can negotiate with the feds if you don't have the money as it's pointless to collect from a person who's broke.
Yancey is an advocate of the IRS and doesn't expose anything major in his work.

how ever do people not pay their taxes? 17.Apr.2004 15:33


I may be ignorant, i admit, but if your taxes are taken out of your paycheck, unless you are in a category of people who "pay" on April 15th --- which seems to be predominantly the very wealthy --- or those who have jobs where employers don't take out taxes... how in the world do you not pay? As far as I can tell, employers are obligated by law to withhold, no?
It seems like it is a privileged class that gets the choice to "not pay"?
Can someone explain please?

Don't like it here? 28.Apr.2004 12:32


Why don't you leave?

If you decide to stay, but don't want to pay taxes, then:

Don't call the fire department if your house catches fire.
Don't call the police if you're in danger or get robbed.
Don't go to any public libraries.
Don't drive your car on any public roadways.
Don't go to any state colleges.
Don't visit any parks or other recreation areas.

You've stated a lot of reasons to not pay taxes. Do you have any useful alternatives? All the things you take advantage of that are now paid for with taxes have to be paid for somehow. Maybe you have some better ideas.

As for the war, and killing people, take a careful look at history. Would you rather be speaking Japanese or German today? Or still bowing to the Queen? People bled and died so you could be free today. One day you'll realize that sometimes the only alternative to slavery, repression, or death is to fight back. Too bad those things exist; deal with it.

No one is forcing you to stay. If you don't like the USA, go to some other country and see how they treat you there.

Overwhelming Rip-Off 03.Jun.2004 12:41


It's not that I oppose taxes or remain ignorant to the good things that taxes allow, but we are overwhelmed by the amount of taxes. The Republicans are on the right track in reducing the amounts. But in order for us to go the way of having taxes at sane levels (which I think is about 15-20% of our incomes), it is necessary to cut government programs, which Bush wants to begin to do. The Democrats don't want that at all, and so therein is the problem. Because we regard our present high taxes as thievery, in that the majority of us don't want taxes as high as they are, it's no wonder that we are mad, and that we are seeking ways to keep more of our money. Anyone who doesn't understand this anger, who tells us to pack up and leave the country if we don't like it, probably doesn't have financial woes.

MAD, yes 03.Jun.2004 13:17

but at the wrong people

Bush had single handedly led the largest increase in government spending in the history of this country. He turned a record surplus into a record debt. He did away with Clinton's balanced budget and brought us a multi-billion dollar war premised on lies. The republican rhetoric is baseless, and always was, just look at the spending under Reagan. A friend of mine, an economist, once said of the Reagan "boom", "Sure we can all make our economies look good if we choose to go into debt. I can take a credit card and live it up, until one day when it all gets repossessed."

If we want lower taxes we need to spend less, and right now, it's the democrats that have the record for doing that not the republicans. We also need to begin cutting military spending as it accounts for half the taxes we pay. When creating a budget it is always best to analyze the biggest expenditures first. We already pay more in military spending than the rest of the world combined, and no missile defense shield is going to protect us from terrorism.

BTW MAD, I don't know what your income is but I make 40K a year and I paid less than 20% in taxes last year. I doubt you could prove that you spent more than 25% unless you make more than 90% of the people in this country. Either that, or you need to get some help with your taxes so you don't pay as much.

Time to get educated about who is taking your taxes, and why.