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Today in the MidEast 14th of april

Media File - Anti-Fence Demonstration
Demonstration against the Seperation Fence in Karbatha, Palestine. During the Demo., the israeli army shot a few demonstrator, one of them- Israeli.

Bush Says Israel Could Keep Some Occupied Land
"In light of new realities on the ground, including already existing major Israeli population centers, it is unrealistic to expect that the outcome of final status negotiations will be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949," Bush said...
 link to www.reuters.com

12 protesters hurt during protest against West Bank fence
Ten Palestinians were hurt, including a 12-year-old Palestinian boy who was seriously injured after being hit in the head by a rubber-coated bullet. Two Israeli protesters were also lightly hurt in their legs.

Israeli Colonizers Seize Land in Qalqilya
"While I was sprinkling my farm, several armed Israeli colonizers attacked and forced me, at gunpoint, to leave," Ishtiweh told WAFA. Rural Council of Kufr Qaddoum said that the colonizers, supported by Israeli soldiers, have recently escalated their attacks on Palestinian farmers.

Protecting the land from destruction in Biddu
The bulldozers only worked for 4 hours but uprooted 27 olive trees from a grove belonging to a Palestinian family from Biddu, who draw all its income from these trees. However, the villagers replanted most of the trees which were uprooted by the Israeli army bulldozer just after the confrontation with the soldiers was over.

IOF Dynamites a House, Arrests At Least 17 in WB
The soldiers obliged the house's 11 dwellers to evict it under the threat of gun, some of them were questioned. At 3:00 am today the soldiers detonated the house, causing damages to the neighboring houses and the injury of Mrs. Suheir Kua', IPC correspondent reported.

On Palestinian Prisoner Day: 1,200 From Jenin Behind Israeli Bars
In Jenin district, north of the West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) reported that 1,200 prisoners of Jenin were still behind bars and sentenced to long prison terms, almost about 100 were serving lifetime sentences under untrue security allegations...

Arab League: Cautions against Possible Collapse of Al-Aqsa
The Arab League insisted on the necessity to refurbish al-Aqsa Mosque, especially the western Wall of the Islamic museum. Palestinian ambassador to Arab League Mohammed Sbeih called on the Arab states to coordinate their attitudes in order to expose the Israeli crimes of stealing Palestinian heritage.

Palestinian militants escalate attacks against Israeli targets
The Israel Army confirmed the attack but asserted that the attack did not cause any injuries among Israeli soldiers, while the brigades said that the militants returned safely to their bases.

No right of return, Bush tells Palestinian refugees
U.S. President George W. Bush told Palestinian refugees Wednesday that they can forget about ever returning to their ancestral homes. Leaving Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon beaming at a joint press conference in Washington...
 link to www.globeandmail.com

Qureia rejects U.S. statement, says Bush first president to recognize settlements
This is like someone giving a part of Texas' land to China," he said, adding that over the years, U.S. administrations have assured the Palestinians that issues like borders and settlements would be handled in negotiations between the two sides.

Arafat: Israel Must Not Keep Settlements
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said Wednesday the peace process would be dead if the United States assures Israel it can keep some key West Bank settlement blocs and would not have to absorb Palestinian refugees.
 link to story.news.yahoo.com

UK's Blair welcomes Sharon plans on Gaza, W.Bank
"I welcome Prime Minister Sharon's announcement that Israel intends to withdraw the Israeli Defence Forces from the Gaza Strip and dismantle all Israeli settlements there as well as some in the West Bank," Blair said in a statement.

Russia: Israeli Occupation is the Core of Arab-Israeli Conflict
Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, reiterated Wednesday that the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict is obvious to International Community; it is undoubtedly the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

U.S. said diverting IDF-bound Hummer jeeps to Iraq
U.S. and Israeli defense officials have agreed that a shipment of dozens of armored Hummer jeeps, intended for use by IDF troops in the territories, will be diverted to American ground forces in Iraq, Israel Radio reported Wednesday.
 link to www.haaretz.com

Protesters disrupt Cat meeting
"They say they are a global citizen (but) I don't think a global citizen sells the tools that people use to destroy the lives of other human beings," said Cheryl Brodersen, whose niece, Rachel Corrie, was killed last year in the Gaza Strip when she was crushed by an Israeli bulldozer

Palestinian Labourers Continue their Sit-in
labourers refused to go to work, inside the industrial zone, expressing their rejection to Israel's humiliating practices against them. Three protesters yesterday suffered from suffocation when Israeli soldiers lobbed tear gas at protesters near Beit Hanoon crossing...

Gilad Sharon may have to explain why he still has key papers
Army Radio reported on Wednesday that the prosecutor claims to have evidence that Gilad Sharon has documents he has claimed he does not have access to. He is thus also in danger of being charged with contempt of court for not adhering to the Supreme Court ruling.

Israel most affected from war in Iraq: Ranteesi
He warned Israel from the repercussions of trapping the United States in Iraq, saying that when the US administration would realize what Israel has done, it would also realize that embracing the Zionist entity is like embracing a snake.

Sharon bets political future on US summit
However, political analysts believe a lukewarm response from the White House would strengthen the hand of rightwing campaigners who view the Sharon plan as abandoning Likud's historic commitment to Israeli settlement throughout the occupied territories.
 link to news.ft.com

Background / How Bush and Sharon can save one another
Now, at a critical juncture in Middle East history, will the politically compromised leaders of the United States and Israel act in such a way as to come to one another's rescue? The answer to this question may well be: They already are.
 link to www.haaretz.com

Why all the fuss about the Bush-Sharon meeting?
What on earth is the difference between Barak's vision of 2001 and Sharon's vision of 2004? While Barak is viewed as being at the "hawkish" end of the Labor Party, things don't get much better at the "doveish" end.

Gaza expects little from pullout
Even moving within Gaza, from north to south, is a nightmare because of military checkpoints around Israeli settlements like Netzarim and the Gush Katif bloc. But will all this change under Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's "disengagement plan" for Gaza? It appears not.

Not like Yamit
That is the most pointed of all the questions: What will happen to the private homes, public buildings, water and road infrastructure, shelters and everything else. Israel's behavior will have an important influence on the atmosphere for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Delayed Arab summit could be around May 9: Yemeni leader
"We spoke about holding the Arab summit which could take place next month on the 8th, 9th or 10th," he told journalists after talks with President Jacques Chirac of France. Saleh said his talks here had focused mainly on the situation in Iraq, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and bilateral ties.
 link to story.news.yahoo.com

Iraqi 'beaten to death' by US troops
AN Iraqi has died of his wounds after US troops beat him with truncheons because he refused to remove a picture of wanted Shiite Muslim leader Moqtada Sadr from his car, police said today.

Italian hostage in Iraq killed by captors: Al-Jazeera
The channel also said it had received a "video film and photos showing the murder of the hostage" but said it could not broadcast the material for fear of upsetting its viewers. In their statement, the captors said they had "killed the hostage after comments by (Italian Prime Minister Silvio) Berlusconi ... that the withdrawal of Italian troops from Iraq was not negotiable."
 link to story.news.yahoo.com

Iraq Cleric Offers Peace Talks; U.S. Forces Poised
More clashes erupted between Sunni guerrillas and U.S. Marines in Falluja, west of Baghdad. Witnesses said a U.S. air strike hit the city's Hay al-Dubat area at dusk. They said four civilians and two fighters were killed in overnight fighting. The U.S. military announced eight more American soldiers had died in combat, bringing to 93 the number killed in action in April...

Blair heads to US for talks on Iraq with Bush and Annan
Prime Minister Tony Blair flies to the United States this week for what critics have labelled a crisis meeting with US President George W. Bush over the seemingly unravelling security situation in Iraq.
 link to story.news.yahoo.com

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