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The Daily Poetry Movement

My Country by Zindziswa Mandela. I can only assume the feelings of Mumia's children as well. In this poem Mandelas daughter articulated her feelings of watching her father taken away. In it we hear the innocence and dispair. Wouldn't it be nice if we could respond to this disapir in our own country and release our political prisoners? Tre will be released! Thursday.
My Country
For Mandela
By Zindziswa Mandela (at twelve years)

I stand by the gate
School's out
Smoke fills the location
Tears come to my eyes

I wipe them away
I walk into the kitchen
To see my mother's
Black hard-washing hands
A forceful smile from
A tired face

We sit and have supper
I pick up a picture of
My father and look
My mother turns away
Tries to hide

My father left my mother
In his arms
He is roughly separated
From her

The van pulls away
Mother watches bravely enough
I as a child do
Not understand

My heart aches
How I long to see my father
At least to hold his hand
And comfort him
Or at least to tell him
He'll be back some day

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migratory bird

I swear I am going to get the february archives up soon. Sorry about the delay I have been "overwhelmed".

If you want to contact me with questions announcements or news please email me at:


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We ARE free! In our hearts we must be bold and beautiful! Do not hide your spririt but step up to life and say I WILL LIVE!

All our friends will be home soon! Together we will have a liberation festival and we will share the sunflower seeds together in the warm sun. All the earth will be liberated all our peoples, great oppressions from centuries of pain will be eased soon. Live each day in faith of things happening, of good things happening!

Oh freedoms path, I will walk you!