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Cohort Media announces new site www.MoveFilm.com

Cohort Media annouces www.MoveFilm.com a site about their latest film Move, which documents the history of the controversial Move Organization.
Cohort Media is proud to announce the launch of their new site www.MoveFilm.com. The production company just recently completed a documentary on the radical orginization Move, which surfaced in the 1970's in Philadelphia, PA (USA). The film documents the 1978 shootout which killed one police officer and left 9 Move memebers sentenced to 30-100 years each for his death. It also depicts the 1985 city bombing of the organizations headquarters that left 5 kids and 6 adults dead. At the site, www.MoveFilm.com, you can view the trailer of the film, find upcoming screenings and discuss the film. Please check it out.

homepage: homepage: http://www.movefilm.com