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SAA call out for help

Just a quick article asking for some assistance. We are in short supply of money, and we need an office space.
hey all,

We at the Student Activist Alliance are in a bit of a pickle. We're getting more and more folks coming to our meetings and we're taking on quite a few important projects. In order to effectively organize our school communities were calling for the help from the greater activist community to support us with the resources present there. The resource that were looking for most is the use of an office space and a space to meet in once a week. We need someplace large enough to accommodate a meeting of about 30 folks once a week (thanks to PPS permit people, we have been getting denied our permit for really wacky simple reasons), and a place were we can work on our web site, keep files, email folks/ fax things, phone bank, etc. These two requests do not necessarily need to be the same space. We'd love one, the other or both.

So if you know someone with extra office space, or you have extra office space or you know someone who knows someone with extra office space, or ... you get the picture. Give us an email ( saa@riseup.net).

Thanks all,
don't know of a place 14.Apr.2004 23:35

but i think you guys rock!

dear saa:

i don't really know of a space, but if there is one out there to be found, this is probably the place to put the call out. i think you guys rock and i hope your meetings continue to grow.

i came to one of your meetings a couple of months ago to talk about the rules for interaction with the police during protests. i think what you are doing in portland is very good.

i think it would be best for you to meet in a non-school facility so that you can have some privacy in your meetings and feel free to discuss whatever you want without the prying eyes and ears of teachers nearby. (just my 2 centavos.)

best of luck

Maybe, but 19.Apr.2004 08:11

Den Mark, Vancouver

As a teacher, now newly retired, i would've been angry if student activists in MY high school had wanted to meet & were denied access. That's not acceptable, but i'm in Vancouver, so who cares what i find unacceptable. Maybe an Indy reader has connections with PPS & can help these people meet where they first wanted to. Surely each Portland high school has at least one activist (or even radical) teacher who could help. It would be good "witness" for SAA to meet on school property, within view of fellow students. In the academy (school division) which i founded, students & teachers met together & made academy decisions together, with all having equal votes. Is it a radical departure for students to be treated by "the system" as young adults? What a privilege it would be to advocate for SAA. I challenge PPS personnel to do so.

Den Mark, Science Teacher, Retired

I got an Idea 19.Apr.2004 12:16

great ideas

Why don't you try looking into using the Cascadia Rising Infoshop on 16th and Clinton. I'm sure they could offer their space for meetings and maybe let you use their computers.

Authors Request 19.Apr.2004 13:45

Student Activist Alliance

Hey there. just a reminder that if you do suggest a space or that we contact someone, it'd be appreciated if you included contact information so that we can get a hold of them. thanks.

peoples community space 19.Apr.2004 16:21

peoples community member

hey you should look into peoples newly bulilt community space on 21 and brooklyn. it is a great room, you need to reserve it and you need to allow other memebers of teh community to be present, all in all it could be a great growing space.

... 20.Apr.2004 09:52

student fajitarose@yahoo.com

i may know of a teacher willing to help this. however, this is in the beaverton, not portland school districts. what do you think?

123ABC 20.Apr.2004 12:36


i think that the SAA should definately shoot for a proper space/ permit in a school district building, but the community space is a great idea. heck, it'll make ppl feel more welcome or atleast free to check it out.

Come on over to Cascadia Rising Info Shop 20.Apr.2004 13:33

todd kurlyy@hotmail.com

We would love to have you over at the info shop, we have two computers with dsl connection and a meeting space that could suit your needs. Give us a call at 503.230.8360 or you can give me a call on my cell at 971.570.7018. You are doing very important work and we would love to help you out. Blessings and Peace, Todd

student led rally 05.Oct.2004 19:32

nebel drongosriot@hotmail.com

I heard from one of my teacher that hosts the Wilson High School activism club that there was some kind of student led rally about measure 26-64 and i was wondering if there was any insite on that. Mainly becuase the wilson students would definatly be there and show support.

if you guys have any info please email me about dates, times, and the location asap. ( drongosriot@hotmail.com)