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Come to the Try/On Life Community Farm's Cob-building benefit this Sunday!

It's spring and the bees are buzzing, So much wants to happen at the Farm, but it needs your help! There's going to be a great party this weekend to raise money for materials to build a Cob sauna at the Farm during the Village Building Convergence. It's going to be a great time, with lots of old-timeously bands, beer, and prize give-away games. And later, a community sauna! Please join us!
Watering a new bed at the Farm
Watering a new bed at the Farm
Hey! This Sunday evening, April 18 is a great party ... .
A benefit for Try/on Life Farm Community Sauna Project.

The Try/On Life community Farm, in cooperation with the Village Building Convergence will be building a cob sauna. This project will be used to teach cob building techniques during the convergence, and the entire Portland community will benefit from there being a sauna at the Farm.

The party's at Liberty Hall, 311 N IVY STREET...
It starts at 7:00 PM
The nearest bus routes are the #6, #4, #33, just get off at Fremont, walk one block south and west until you hit Liberty Hall. Remember, North Portland is west of Williams, don't bother the poor people at 311 NE Ivy unless you really want to...

Join us for the fun ...
with Old-Timey Music by:
Gothic Outhouse
Greg's Shindig Ol'timey Band
7 Year Tango
Tashcan Joe

...along with food, alcohol, a prize raffle, cakewalk, silent auction and puppet show.

we're looking for 10-100$ donations, but no one will be turned away!

We also have community work groups every Saturday, and we're looking for people to teach workshops so we can all learn about growing with the earth. Also, in the afternoon before the benefit we'll be breaking ground on the Sauna site. We can always use help, please come out and visit if you can. The website farm.truffula.net has directions, or write to mesa(at)cascadiarising.org for more suggestions on how to get out there.

About the Farm:
We are a community of personal, political transformation, come together to root into this particular earth, these particular ecosystems, to learn the dance of decentralized coherence, to reinforce each other by gently overlapping.

We are being born, becoming. Join us with your energy, your wisdom, your skills and resources: with luck and labor, we will be catalysts for our only hope: sustainable, thickly woven social relations of love and respect.

We inhabit (by living or playing, working or praying) 7 rural acres tucked into 700 forested acres of Tryon Creek State Park, half an hour by bike from downtown Portland. Half-cleared, half-cultivated, and inside the urban growth boundary: developers are champing at the bit to churn the land into condos.

We, instead, will take the land in common as a revolutionary fragment of the world we know is possible, an urban density permaculture community of artists and farmers and communers with nature coming together, making space for spirit.

Our vision's key elements:

* Wild power. We will show how humans can live symbiotically and responsibly in and around wildness. We will prioritize healing our watershed by minimizing runoff and sedimentation.

* Stacking functions. All communities for new worlds of love, respect, and cooperation will focus on finding ways to live, work, and play in the land together. The landscape will be artistic and edible, prayer-filled and practical.

* Midwifing hope. We will become a cultural laboratory, a healing retreat, a community center for learning by example.

We seek individuals and collectives as partners. Whether developing projects, crafting proposals, or reaching out to others; with an eye to living here, working on the land, or simply helping out: we need you, your energy, your inspiration.



homepage: homepage: http://www.cityrepair.org/vbc/

Cob? 14.Apr.2004 21:58


Sounds like fun, but what is a "cob" sauna? As a Finn, I went to many saunas while growing up, some electric, some throwing water on rocks for steam, but what is a "cob" sauna? gk.

Cob is...... 15.Apr.2004 05:23


Cob is a natural building technique which involes using clay,straw and water. You proportion those elements out and stomp with your feet(traditionally) or with a machine and mix it up and form it with your hands into benches, houses or in this case a sauna. Portland has lots of examples of cob building. I belive in front of the peoples coop there are some cob benches.

cob 15.Apr.2004 06:40


Peoples front wall is made out of cob and has benches, Mirador has a bench in front of it and if you go to City repair project there will be other areas around town that have been done.