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NDFSK: Red Suns Day Statement to the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

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한 국 민 족 민 주 전 선 중 앙 위 원 회

SPSG(USA) and pro-DPRK forces of the United States

April 13, 2004

Dear comrades,
We extend Juche revolutionary greetings to you on the occasion of the Day of the Sun.
We express our heartful respect and gratitude for your strenuous efforts to manifest the US people's reverence for President Kim Il Sung, eternal Sun of Juche, and formalize celebration of the Day of the Sun, braving all sorts of difficulties in the United States desert of justice and progress.
In his April 8 letter Comrade John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the SPSG(USA), said: "To have an event for KIM IL SUNG and celebrate his life in a dignified and mature manner tells the people of the DPRK there is support for them even in the US, and for the opportunists in the US it tells them we will not go away."
His words render valuable encouragement, too, to our NDFSK fighters and the patriotic south Korean people revering Kim Il Sung as the eternal father of the nation.
It is said that yearning for the sun is more eager in the dark. The pro-DPRK forces of the United States including the SPSG(USA) and the NDFSK fighters share the same aspiration and similar situation in that they follow the red Suns of Juche and fan up the hot wind of reverence for the great men in the teeth of fascist persecution and ordeals in the tundra void of justice and truth. We express firm solidarity to your ardent activities for adoring great men and determination to be everlasting comrades sharing weal and woe with you.
The day when the US imperialism is to scrap its anti-DPRK policy and yield to the socialist Korea is surely approaching step by step.
The Korean nation vs. US imperialism showdown will end in our nation's victory without fail. Thanks to the invincible Songun policy of Marshal Kim Jong Il and the united might of the 70 million Korean nation, we will certainly defeat the US imperialists and make them fall on their knees.
The DPRK-US nonaggression treaty will be adopted, the US troops pulled out of south Korea and the DPRK-US hostile relations redressed. If these happen, the broad masses of the US will demand improvement of the DPRK-US relations, because the peace-loving masses of the US are our friend whereas the warlike US imperialism is our enemy.
Today you are hewing out the path of pro-DPRK activities and tomorrow you will proudly lead a rapidly expanding pro-DPRK trend of the US people, who will all approve your justness and prescience.
Difficulties are temporary today whereas victory is everlasting tomorrow.
We sincerely wish you to become final victors by overcoming today's adversity.
Let us advance with optimism though our path is thorny!
Victory and glory to the Songun followers of the USA!

Central Committee
National Democratic Front of South Korea

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup/GreatPresidentKIMILSUNGTribute.html

The Sun is down in the DPRK 16.Apr.2004 04:56


Dear NDFSK and SPSG comrades,

Kim Il Sung and the Juche-style socialism are dead.
DPRK reality today is Kim Jong Il and Songun politics.
Songun politics is militarism and human rights violations.

Hundred thousands North Korean people live in inhuman conditions and experience torture, starvation, humiliation and death, while Kim Jong Il enjoys a luxury life.

Humanity and freedom to dissent is real greatness. Korea will be free, when the prison gates in Haengyong and Yodok camps are open. Enough people have suffered and died there.

Read this illustrated first-hand testimony by Lee Sun Ok (as just one example):

Overview on North Korean prison camps:

Google for North Korea and Human Rights to learn more.

Do you think all this is fabricated?

If there would be no such prison camps at the described areas in North Korea, why does the DPRK leadership not invite Amnesty International or the UN Human Rights Commission to check this and prove these reports false?

Do you not feel ashamed for copying this ridiculous propaganda, knowing about the horrible reality in the prison camps?