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Tre Arrow's Bail Hearing Set for Thursday; Bail and Defense funds Urgently Needed

Environmental activist and Oregon ex-patriot Tre Arrow will appear for a bail hearing in Victoria B.C. Thurday, April 15th at 2pm, he aslo expects to have an imigration hearing later that day. Supporters are concerned that the US may use this as an opportunity to extridite him to the US, where he faces other charges.

Supporters in the US and Canada will pause at 2pm Thurday to hold a good thought for a positive outcome from his hearings, and to manefest his fredom and safety. We would like to invite all of you reading this to do the same. Whatever your spiritual traditions, please hold Tre in your heart and thoughts Thurday. Today it is he who is cought in the cross hairs, but it could just as easily be any one of us, his fate and ours are inextricably intwind. [ Read more... ]

I'm doing well, staying strong, thanks to all the love and support pouring forth from everyone, and being able to connect with Indogo Girls music when I call friends in "stump town". So thank you so much,.Thanks also to everyone who wrote on my half for the bail hearing: thank you for you kind, loving words of support and truth. At this point what we need in bail money.

If everyone who wrote a letter could donate $20 (or $50 or . . .) specifically towards the bail funds that would appreciated immensely (enternal gratitude to those who have) To contribute for bail contact my lawyer, Tim Russel, at 250-480-1529 ASAP. [ Read more... ]