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March for Justice and Police Accountability announced for April 24

PORTLAND, OR - The Arissa organization is planning a March for Justice and Police Accountability in response to the murder of James Perez by the Portland Police. The March is set to take place Saturday, April 24 at 12:00 Noon beginning from Pioneer Courthouse Square.

With District Attorney Michael Schrunk's recent decision to convene the grand jury investigation into the death of James Perez before the promised inquest, the upcoming March comes at a critical time. The grand jury is set to begin hearing testimony on April 20, just four days prior to the April 24 March.

Arissa believes the result of the grand jury investigation will be less than satisfactory. Either the grand jury will refuse to indict Officer Jason Sery, or the indictment will be for a crime far less severe than murder. In previous cases involving murders committed by the Portland Police, including Kendra James, Jose Mejia Poot, Deontae Keller, and even those in 1985 and 1975 that involved inquests, the Portland Police Officers involved faced no criminal punishment. Knowing this, there are ample reasons to believe Officer Sery will get away with this act of murder.
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